The Effective Options of Reactjs Map Libraries For Your Next Project


The present-day website and applications mostly feature maps in some form, As it also became simple as displaying images on websites or displaying store locations. 

So, are you interested to make it work for you as the same, here is what we can do well,  implementing user-friendly effective map functionality is easy if we know the right tools as it’s going to make our task easier.  In React application simple maps did not require the library as iFrame or widget embed will work, but in the complex mapping application, Reactjs map libraries play a vital role. 

In this described article we go through a multitude of mapping libraries with narrow options, we also discuss the highlights, benefits, and drawbacks of a defined Reactjs map library that determine the best of your needs. 

Google Map React 

Among the effective Reactjs map libraries  Google map react is one of the libraries that always is in the limelight due to its core features and performance. As this library was isomorphic and easily render from the server side.  

Well in your project if you use Google maps API, then Google map react offers many common features as API provides flexibility to implement custom makers with a bundle of benefits.  

  • It supports with hover effects in custom map markers. 
  • It fetches map data with content-rich google map API. 
  • It supports both side client as well as server-side in map rendering and Isomorphic rendering.

Pigeon Maps 

It’s a small library that caught everyone’s eye as it does not have any external dependencies. Well, it has many stars on NPM trends but the downloaded numbers are small that consider as a small warning. Moreover, the pigeon maps were considered as eye on  library as it has a small dependency and is free and it was worth trying. 

The Pigeon maps consist of many features as it was built with a primary objective such as a lightweight, React-centric extendable map engine.

  • It offers fast map rendering and lightweight 
  • It gives custom tile provider support. 
  • It has mobile-optimized map controls.  


In the Reactjs map library React leaflet was considered an extremely versatile library. There are endless possibilities in a building with React leaflet, Moreover react-leaflet documentation made it simpler to explore. Also adding geoJSON, rendering markers as well as rendering with tooltips are just common examples that React-leaflet can offer. 

  • It was easy to use the library with fine-tuned primary features. 
  • It has cross-browser and platform support. 
  • It was known for its mobile responsiveness. 
  • It uses as layer customization. 

React Simple Maps 

In the Reactjs map library React simple maps is one of the elementary libraries that was lightweight with the basic need. As this library in building SVG maps more quickly while considering the zooming, rendering functions, and panning by the library itself.    

All in all, it does not depend on the entire d3 library, as it swaddles around topojson and d3-geo which makes the React simple maps lightweight. 

  • It was extensible with the different React components. 
  • It renders the map as an SVG, that was easy to handle with HTML 
  •  It was a lightweight library. is one of the high-performance Reactjs map library with as known for its advanced features.  As it was open source with advanced features. And, it was based on webGL that was capable of visualizing large-scale map data. was a customized map library that fulfilled the map requirements due to its extensible architecture.  

It updates large data sets with performant rendering. 

It offers built-in support in different layer types like icons, text, polygons with different views as a first-person orthographic. 

It has a customizable and extensible library. 

It helps in the integration with crucial map providers, indulging Google Maps, Mapbox, and more. 


Rect map gl offer wrapper for mapbox GL JS library, as it works as a dynamic and interactive in React application. As it was the developers’ first choice due to its compatibility, flexibility, and performance.   

  • React-map-gl offer to create interactive maps that users can zoom and pan. It also gives  support to touch-based gestures, making maps more accessible on mobile devices.
  • React-map-gl gives lots of flexibility when it comes to the customization of maps. We can add custom markers, overlays, and styles to maps to make them unique in the application.
  • It supports WebGL, that allows it to render maps more efficiently than traditional mapping libraries.
  • React-map-gl works well with other React libraries and tools, making it easy to integrate with your existing application.


React-mapbox-gl is a well-known library for building map-based applications using React. It was a powerful tool in creating interactive and visually appealing maps in React applications. 

Moreover, in React mapbox gl user can zoom in and out in map, pan it in a different direction with other map interaction method. 

  • This Reactjs map library provides a wide range of options for customizing the styling of  maps, including colors, fonts, and layouts. It is also easy to add custom icons and markers to the map to make it more visually appealing.
  • React-mapbox-gl is designed to provide high performance and fast rendering speeds, even with large datasets.
  • In React map library changes are modified and extended as per the specific need. 


All in all,  React map libraries will make it easy to incorporate maps into React virtual DOM. There are many React map libraries but we sorted out the best for you as google-map-react and  react-leaflet have many mapping functionalities to offer in React applications. As same every library has their own functionality that uses as per the requirements of the application. If you make it easy to go with one you can work with Reactjs development company to build apps using the best map component for your app. 



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