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Fact Pro

In this age of social media, it usually happens that a large number of youngsters don’t watch the news channels nor they read the newspaper. Although there’s everything available on social media there is a high possibility that you might be getting your news and information from a fake source which is nowhere near the truth.

Fake news and facts spread like wildfire on social media which often creates serious outrage among the people and is harmful to the society. There are many fake web portals and social media handles on the internet which spreads fake news and negativity. It is quite difficult to see and differentiate that the page you are getting the information from is posting the information is legit or not.

“THE FACT PRO” page on Instagram could be your answer for your curiosity. This is your one destination for all your interesting facts, trivia and news. “THE FACT PRO” is one of the most popular media pages on Instagram which has more 864K plus followers from all over the world.

The page was made by a young engineering student and entrepreneur named ‘Gopal Dutt Vashisht’ on 2016 with an intention to provide a reliable and legit source of information, news, and knowledge to the youngsters in an entertaining way.

The page is so popular among the youngsters because of the authenticity of the information, unlike other informative pages. The creator of the page Gopal Dutt specially focused on the content’s authenticity. His true motto was to share the information based on facts.

The Fact Pro is a pure youth page which shares interesting and entertaining facts as well as news and incidents in such a creative way that it develops the interest of the reader in the topic and motivates to gain more knowledge. The page has done an amazing job by turning information into entertainment.

The page has also been voted as their favorite informative page by their followers and is continuously growing big. The founder Gopal says his aim was to just create a reliable and trustworthy platform for sharing knowledge and information. Gopal went on to say that he wants to make this page even bigger and turn it into a whole media platform which will be used for the benefits for the youth for sharing knowledge and information from all around the world. (


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