The Intruder Final Trailer, Release Date And Cast Details!

The Intruder release date, Trailer with cast details!

The Intruder Final

The Intruder” is an upcoming Hollywood Movie that is based on thriller and adventure. The film is written by David Rougher. This film will hit the cinemas soon in the month of May this year. Here I will tell you all the details about the movie.

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The plot of the movie is beautifully filmed with great choreography. Thus, all the scenes are perfect shots that add real thrill to the movie.

The story is about a married couple who have bought a beautiful house to know some mystery. This house is big and covers an area of acres. The couple bought it and want to make it a perfect house for them.

But the house attached some secret and the mystery with it that make it more suspense. The Michael Ealy and Meagan Good is playing their roles as a couple who purchases this big bungalow. But soon their house proves a nightmare. Because the owner of the house did not want to let it go. ( He refuses to give his ownership of the house. So the both Meagan Good and Michael Ealy want to know why he is refusing to give the ownership of the house.

The film will be released in the USA by Sony Pictures. So, let’s see what secret will be revealed at the end of the story.

Director: Deon Taylor

Star Cast: Michael Ealy, Meagan Good, Joseph Sikora, and Dennis Quaid

Release Date: 3rd May 2019

The Intruder Final Trailer

The final trailer for this upcoming thriller film has been released recently. And as always I will show you this trailer as below to let you know some shot of that thrill.


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