The Strategies Used by Insurance Companies to Deny Your Motorcycle Accident Claim


Motorcycle accidents can be destructive, causing severe injuries and financial burdens for the victims. Victims often depend on insurance companies to support them in such situations. Unfortunately, insurance companies may use various strategies to deny motorcycle accident claims. This action leaves motorcycle accident victims struggling to get the compensation they deserve. 

Therefore, anyone navigating the claim process must understand these tactics to empower them to neutralize such acts by hiring a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer. Most of these accidents are reported in states with high populations, such as Michigan. Michigan is found in the Great Lakes and Midwestern regions of the United States. The robust manufacturing industries, technology, healthcare, agriculture, and tourism sectors propel its economy. Michigan’s population as of September 2021 was 10 million. 

This bustling state is common to having motorcycle accidents reported frequently. Due to the ill-intentioned habit of insurance companies to rob victims of their claims, seeking the help of a competent Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer is essential. This article will delve into the strategies the insurance companies use to deny your motorcycle accident claim so that you can be equipped to craft ways of neutralizing them effectively.

Delays and Administrative Hurdles

Insurance companies may intentionally delay the claims process by requesting excessive documentation or information. This tactic frustrates claimants and creates a sense of urgency, making them accept low settlement offers out of desperation. Additionally, some insurers may place administrative hurdles, hoping that claimants will give up on their claims due to the complexity of the process.

Disputing Medical Treatment and Injuries

Insurance companies may challenge the extent of the injuries sustained in the motorcycle accident, suggesting that they are not as severe as claimed. They might even argue that pre-existing conditions were the cause of the injuries, seeking to minimize their liability.

Questioning Liability

Insurance companies’ most common strategy is to question liability in motorcycle accidents. They may attempt to place the blame on the motorcycle rider by arguing that they were speeding, lane-splitting, or engaging in other reckless behavior. By doing so, the insurance company aims to reduce or deny the claim, shifting the responsibility onto the motorcyclist. In this case, it is vital to seek the help of motorcycle crash lawyers.

Ambiguous Policy Wording

Insurance policies can sometimes be intentionally vague or complex, providing room for interpretation and potential loopholes. Insurers may exploit these ambiguities to deny coverage or reduce the amount they pay for a motorcycle accident claim.

Surveillance and Social Media Monitoring

Insurance companies usually hire private investigators to conduct surveillance on the victim to discredit the claimant’s injuries and credibility. Additionally, they may monitor the claimant’s social media activity to find any posts or pictures that contradict the severity of their injuries, which they can then use to challenge the claim’s validity.

Claimant Failure to Disclose Information

Suppose a claimant unintentionally forgets to disclose details about their motorcycle accident. In that case, insurance companies may seize upon this as a reason to deny the claim, citing non-disclosure as a breach of policy terms.

Lowball Settlement Offers

Finally, if they can’t deny it, they will try to reduce it. They will offer low settlements that do not adequately cover the expenses incurred due to the accident. They may attempt to convince claimants that this is the best they can get, hoping they will accept the inadequate offer rather than pursue further legal action.

In conclusion, following up on your claim with the insurance companies after a motorcycle accident can be overwhelming. Therefore, it is vital to understand the strategies insurance companies craft to devalue or deny your claim to empower you, help you remain firm, and seek the compensation you deserve. Seeking help from experts, such as motorcycle accident advocates, can help you obtain a fair settlement and serve you justice.


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