Top 5 Affordable Motorcycles You Can Buy Right Now (2019)

Top affordable motorcycles 2019

Owning a Motorcycle is a great feeling to have. No luxury car in the world can replace the joy and satisfaction of driving a bike. For true bike lovers, motorcycles are their toys which they cannot go away from. People maintain and customize their bikes to give them the best looks they can.

For some, their honor is in their bikes making them spend most of their time with their beasts. The fantastic thing about motorcycles is that there is always one to fit your budget. Through this post, we are bringing to you the Top 5 Affordable Motorcycles You Can Buy Right Now.   

1. Suzuki SV650 at $7,499

Amongst the best in our list of affordable motorcycles of 2019 is the SV650 from Suzuki. A lightweight bike with a sporty look provided at a very decent price tag makes Suzuki SV 650 the motorcycle worth reckoning.

There have been different models of SV650 launched with some handy modifications over the past few years. The long-continuing sales of this line of bike speak volume about its popularity among people.

SV650 has a 645cc engine with a 30 kmpl of mileage. The 2019 model of this bike has been given modifications of a repositioned muffler and changes in the braking system to provide it with improved stopping power. One thing that makes this bike so recommendable is the wide availability of Suzuki motorcycle parts.

You can expect this bike to last long with you, and if you are someone who tweaks a lot with their bikes, then its components will be readily available to you at local stores.    

2. Yamaha MT-09 at $8,999

Yamaha is one of the first choices that people go for when looking for a reliable option to buy bikes for themselves. It is a leading motorcycle manufacturer that has been producing amazing products for its customers.

The model MT-09 was launched years ago in 2014, but like the Suzuki SV 650, it has also been receiving modifications by the company with its new models in the succeeding years.  

With its 847cc engine powering it at a price tag lesser than 10,000 USD, MT-09 is an irresistible offering from Yamaha for the people looking for a powerful and yet an affordable option as their bike.

Mileage of 25 Kmpl and a top speed of 225 kph standout in the specification sheets of this Yamaha product. Owners of this motorcycle compliment it for its useful ABS and traction control.  

3. KTM 790 Duke at $5,499

Many people do not believe so at first sight of it, but KTM 790 comes with an 800cc parallel-twin engine. Such disbelief is expected as this bike does not look so big that it carries such a powerful engine. It is nearly 170kg and has unique features like the Enduro mode that works with the ABS.

KTM 790 has split headlight and one of the neatest TFT-LCD dashboards which are not many focused-by other manufacturers. If you are looking for a lightweight bike under the price-tag of $6000, then you must look no further than the KTM 790 Duke.

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4. Indian Scout 60 at $9,499

Scout 60 is the most affordable bike from Indian Motorcycles on which you can get your hands on. It is available in some dashing colors: Thunder Black, Indian Motorcycle Red, and Pearl White.

A dual channel ABS makes its braking system very useful. The top speed of Indian Scout 60 can go up-to 159.1kmph. It runs on an engine that has a massive capacity of 999cc, so expect blistering performance from it.

Scout 60 is said to be the competing right against the Harley Davidson line-up in this price range, and depending on your budget you can go for either.    

5. Harley Davidson Iron 1200 at $9,999

A 1202cc air-cooled engine, torque speed of 96 NM at 3600 rpm and a 14.68Kmpl mileage, do we need to tell you more about Iron 1200? Harley Davidson is not an unknown name in the circles of bike lovers.

HD Iron 1200 is a sweet deal if you want to brag owning this excellent product that people want to own. You can expect long and comfortable rides on the Iron 1200 and its looks are sure to turn heads when you ride it past people.

Like the Suzuki SV 650, you can be worry free about this bike’s repairability. Being the famous manufacturer that it is, you can find its parts easily be it the motorcycle battery or even its mufflers.  

These are some of the best bikes under the budget of $10,000 which you can own with you. If you are looking for options out of these choices, then we would suggest you go for bikes from Royal Enfield and Honda, as they too provide a good value for the money you spend on them.

We hope the information in this post helps you choosing a motorcycle that you will love riding.


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