Top Must-Have Apps In Your Android


You just got a new Android smartphone, and you are done setting it up. Now, it is time to hit the Play Store. But which apps should you really download? Lets find out the must-have apps in your android here.

Most of the apps listed in the “Most Popular” section are there due to massive advertising, fake reviews, or a bogus-free version. So, which are the real best apps that will help make your phone great. While there are go-to standards that almost everyone has on their phone, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and perhaps Netflix and Amazon, here are the six best apps that will ease your life without any cost.

  • Hotspot Shield – For Security

Online privacy is a huge thing now, and it is no surprise this article begins with a reliable yet free VPN. A truly rare combination, Hotspot Shield will protect your phone with superb encryption without ever slowing down your internet connection and offering you unlimited data. What’s more, the program is relatively easy to use. All you got to do is tap the connect button, and the VPN will quickly pair your device with an available server.

Apart from safeguarding your phone from hackers, the inquisitive eyes of the government, and steering clear of speed throttling from your ISP, you also get to visit geo-blocked websites and discover lower prices on a few items.

  • Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To-Do List – For Productivity

No, this app isn’t a simple to-do list creator. Instead, it is precisely what chronic procrastinators would require to make their lives easier. This app leverages the Pomodoro technique—a time management technique developed in the 1908s where a timer is used to help you organize your day and get through all the tasks stress-free. The main idea behind this app is that you set a timer for all your tasks, and once you complete a task, you take a short break before you start working on the next item on your list.

  • PokerStars App – For Gambling

One of the best casinos online, PokerStars is perfect for on-the-go players. The app is constantly updated, and it is pretty compact, allowing for a quick download. Nevertheless, the small size doesn’t translate to a lack of games as there are more than 300 games to choose from, including Casino Classics and Poker Stars exclusives. What’s more, they even offer live dealer games.

The platform allows players to shift effortlessly between three different sections of the site—Sportsbook, Casino, and Daily Fantasy Sports. What’s better, all live dealer games are streamed in HD, even on mobile devices.

  • Spotify – For Music and Podcasts

If you love listening to music, then there is no reason why you should hesitate to download Spotify. The platform features the widest collection of legal music streams and helps you create a playlist on your own with your favorite songs. What’s more, you can check out your friend’s favorite songs, subscribe to the latest podcasts, and explore new songs based on your musical preferences.

Nevertheless, the free version of Spotify does come with minor inconveniences, like commercials and a limit on the number of songs you can skip in an hour. The great news is that the app doesn’t limit the number of playlists or songs per playlist with the free version.

  • FitOn – For Health and Fitness

People are so busy these days that they find it hard to hit the gym every day, or at least once in a while. FitOn makes it easy for you to indulge in some quick workouts from some of the top trainers for absolutely free. You can set your goals and explore the vast array of exercises you enjoy.

There are 100s of classes and numerous types of workouts, including cardio, strength, and HIIT drills. FitOn even features social media compatibility, meaning you can work out with your friends, brag on Facebook, and stay motivated always.

  • Waze – For Travelling

Whether you are traveling to another country, heading on a road trip, or commuting to work, Waze will ensure that you never get lost by finding the best routes for you. In addition, the platform leverages real-time data to help you avoid traffic backups, accidents, and police.

One of the app’s greatest features is the Carpool that helps you make some money as you are commuting. All you need to do is just type in your destination, and Waze will quickly find you a match and enable the payment. So whether you are a driver or a passenger, it is a good deal, and the payment system is pretty simple to use.


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