Trumps Host Halloween Celebration Adhering to All the Safety Measures

Trumps Host Halloween Celebration Adhering to All the Safety Measures
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The Trumps host Halloween celebration amidst the increasing effect of the pandemic. All the arrangements were made in the garden area of the White House for a pre-Halloween party. The South Lawn of the beautiful palace was all decked up with Halloween decorations. However, the organizers had to sacrifice a few traditions considering the present situation and restrictions. Moreover, the most crucial attraction of the entire event was the fancy dress show by little children. The first couple, Donald and Melania Trump was super-impressed by two little kids dressed as their lookalikes. The little Trumps stole the show with their outfit and charm.

According to local news channels that covered the event, it was good to see that the basic safety guidelines were in place. Everyone was maintaining a safe distance from each other. Moreover, every individual attending the Halloween party were wearing masks as a mandatory rule. However, the Halloween Party also brings with it an array of questions by the critics. They believe that hosting such a party amidst such a sad situation is nothing but ignorance. The part started at 3:30 pm on October 25 and went on till 7:30 pm. During the whole event, the first couple greeted everyone from a safe distance.

Trumps host Halloween celebration in a very different manner

To honor the fight against the dangerous COVID-19, children of front-line workers and military personnel were getting special treatment. As a part of the trick or treat tradition, the White House officials gave them extra sweets while walking down the path from the South Lawn. It was good to see that sanitizer and sprays were available throughout the party. The celebration was very different from other years. Mostly, the candy-giving ritual because till the last year, the first couple carried out this event personally.

Although the Trumps host Halloween celebration, they were much aware of the crowd and so were maintaining a safe distance. Moreover, they were aware that the coronavirus had struck quite a few of them recently, and everyone must avoid the situation. The kids who dressed up as the first couple happily posed for the cameras now and then. There were extra precautions and guidelines for the officials handing out candies. They were all wearing gloves to prevent infections. Besides, the White House’s South Portico was looking very festive with all the pumpkins and chrysanthemums.


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