Tips to Make Ironing Easier

Make Ironing Easier

Ironing your clothes is a challenging thing to do. If you mess up you could end up permanently damaging your clothes. Well, we’re here to help your experience to make ironing easier much less stressful. Nobody wants to do that, and in fact we know that most people don’t even want to do their own ironing!  That’s why at Helpling we have made it super easy to find your helper that can not only clean but iron too!  You can find your perfect cleaner and or ironing helper by checking out the cleaner profiles on the platform.  We have hundreds of cleaners with full profile information, such as customer reviews, their prices and some bio information.

Simply select the cleaner that you think is best for you and it’s all done!  Easy as that.  And did you know that all the cleaners on the Helpling platform are liability insured, which takes away and worry or stress!  So if you want a cleaner to help you out then head over to now.  But if you’re one of those people that prefers to do their own cleaning and ironing then stay here and read on.  We have five top ironing tips that are essential for saving time and doing a great job.

Here are five tips that will change the way you iron for the better.  But before that, if you’d like to get a professional housekeeper to help with your ironing then you can find your perfect ironing helper at Helpling! 

1. Make use of aluminum foil.

 Aluminum foil is a great conductor of heat. When you’re in a hurry this simple material can make the job go a lot faster. All you need to do is put a folded sheet of foil below your item of clothing and start ironing. Because heat is being transferred onto the foil, you will get smoother and faster results. Just be cautious not to burn yourself when you’re removing the sheet as it can get quite hot.

2. Spray some water on the clothes if the wrinkles are too stubborn.

Water can help smooth out creases in any fabric. A spray bottle can help you distribute the water easily. Just a few sprays and your task will get much easier. Another tip is that you can try ironing your clothes straight out of the washing machine. This small trick will save a lot of your time and effort.

3.   Use your ironing board properly.

Ironing boards are specially designed to make this daily task easier. If you don’t use them well you may end up wasting time or hurting yourself or your clothes.

When you’re ironing pants, for example, make sure you lay your pants vertically across the board such that you’re making full use of the board. Shirts should be placed in a way that uses the entire surface. The end of the board is also perfect for ironing your sleeves. Start using the entire length of the board and you’ll become much faster at ironing.

4. A pressing cloth will protect your heat-sensitive fabrics from damage.

If you know how to properly use a pressing cloth, then you’ll never have to worry about permanently damaging any of your heat-sensitive fabrics. When you apply too much heat on the wrong material it can cause a sheen to disappear or maybe even leave some burn marks. After the damage is done it’s too late to change anything.

A pressing cloth will resolve this concern. This is a cloth made of cotton fabric that can be folded and placed on your clothes. You can use linen, muslin, or even an old pillowcase for this purpose. Your pressing cloth will prevent your clothes from direct heat and thus it will help you avoid ruining your clothes.

5. Don’t try to iron all your clothes at once.

Ironing takes quite a bit of time and patience to do. If you try to iron too many clothes at once you’re just going to become frustrated and give up. Rather than trying to rush through a whole set of laundry, separate your clothes into small batches depending on how quickly you need to iron them. This will lessen your workload to a huge degree and make it much easier to deal with.

Although it may be a difficult task, you shouldn’t let ironing become a bigger challenge than it needs to be. If you use these tips well, ironing your clothes will soon become extremely easy.  Helpling is the easiest place to find your perfect helper!  The cleaners on the Helpling platform can perform many different tasks, including ironing.  To select your perfect cleaner simply scroll through the different cleaner profiles and select the one that you think matches your the best.  You can look at reviews and prices ranges to help you get the best fit. We have also taken steps to manage the effect of covid-19.  We have provided all the cleaners and ironers on the Helpling platform with special training, so that they are covid-19 prepared.  We have also made it really easy for customers to book a covid-19 prepared cleaner by signposting those cleaners who have taken the training with a covid-19 badge on their profile.  

Cleaner profiles on the Helpling platform show whether or not the cleaner will do your ironing.  In cases where you want your cleaner to do your ironing you can message directly with your cleaner to give them some specific instructions.  For instance, you might want some clothes ironed but not others, or you might have some specific information about how to iron particular items.  The messaging feature of the Helpling application makes it really easy to communicate with your cleaner, so you avoid any potential problems.

So if ironing your own clothes isn’t your thing, or you simply don’t have the time, then go to Helpling to find a cleaner who can help you to work through that big load of ironing that you have been putting off for so long!  It’ll only take you 5 minutes and then you can sit back and relax.


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