Unique Places to Go on a Honeymoon in Bahrain


Bahrain, located in West Asia has on numerous occasions been voted among the preferred honeymoon destinations in the world. This is because of the beautiful islands, and a lot of fun activities couples can engage in. Besides, a lot of couples find the climate-friendly. These are some of the reasons Bahrain should be your number one preferred honeymoon destination.

The Best Honeymoon Locations Worth Visiting

The straightforward and easy gulf air booking has opened up Bahrain to the world. Thousands of married couples choose this country as their preferred honeymoon spot because of its accessibility. Airline bookings have now become online and you can book your ticket at the comfort of your house. Some of the top honeymoon spots in Bahrain worth visiting include:

1) Manama City- Manama is the leading honeymoon spot, bearing in mind it is the capital city of Bahrain. This city is lively throughout the day and at night. The different architectural designs give this city a beautiful look. There are plenty of hotels and resorts for couples to choose from during their honeymoon. The local people are also considered friendly and there are plenty of places in Manama city couples can visit. They range from old towns, and markets, among others. 

2) Al Muharraq- This beautiful Island is the definition of a perfect honeymoon spot. You will be amazed by the beauty of the preserved nature whenever you tour this Island. There are also plenty of resorts and hotels to choose from that perfectly suit your needs. Most of these accommodations customize their services for customer satisfaction. Additionally, there are plenty of relaxing and fun activities couples can engage in while in Al Muharraq.  The rich history and the culture also make couples enjoy every moment of their stay on this Island. 

3) Hoora- Couples that love nightlife should definitely choose Hoora as their honeymoon destination while in Bahrain. Hoora is packed with plenty of fun activities you can engage in around the clock. Apart from the different accommodations to choose from, hotels have honeymoon packages that make couples enjoy every moment they are together. During their stay in Hoora, couples will be privileged to enjoy a blend of Western and Islamic cultures. 

4) Hawar Island- Couples that love nature should head to Hawar Island. This Island boasts its marvelous nature that makes the environment look marvelous. Secondly, there are numerous water activities to choose from which couples can engage in and have fun. Swimming, boat riding, and kayaking are some of these water activities. That’s not all; Hawar Island houses some of the best resorts in the couple with top-class amenities. There are also different bird species around Hawar Island couples can spot during their stay here. 

5) Amwaj Islands- Who wouldn’t want to spend their honeymoon on a series of artificial islands? This is why Amwaj Islands are one of the top honeymoon-preferred destinations in Bahrain. It boasts some of the best beaches in the entire Bahrain as well as resorts. There are also cafes, restaurants, and shopping malls couples can choose from. The combination of these things will definitely ensure anyone has an amazing time with his/her partner. Amwaj Islands also offer plenty of fun activities and entertainment worth doing. 

6) Juffair- Couples that love urban life can still enjoy their honeymoon in Juffair. This place is visited around the year as it is an extension of the Urban Manama. Some of the best hotels and resorts in the country are situated here, giving couples varieties of choices to choose from. The new towers with unique architectural designs make this city look beautiful. There are also different restaurants around Juffair couples can visit and try out different delicacies. This beautiful city also houses some top attraction sites in Bahrain.

7) Sitra- This honeymoon spot is renowned for the number of historical sites it houses. The local fishermen give you an insight into how the local people carry out their local activities. Sitra also offers the passway to the Al Dar archipelago, an island that houses some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Couples can carry out a lot of activities on these beaches ranging from swimming, picnics, among other water fun activities. Couples that love seafood will enjoy every moment while trying out different delicacies.

8) Bahrain national museum- Understanding the rich history of the local people can be a perfect activity to engage in with your couple while on honeymoon. Ensure you visit the Bahrain national museum and embark on a guided tour through the entire six main sections. Here, you will see some artifacts that date back as 4,000 years ago. The unique architectural design and the beachfront location of the Bahrain national museum make everyone want to visit this attraction site over and over. This site also offers an excellent background for couples to take pictures. 

9) Riffa Fort- The Riffa Fort is another excellent attraction site couples can visit while on their honeymoon in Bahrain. This historical site was built in 1812, and its architectural design is evident. Inside the fort, there is a museum that houses different artifacts and different listings that help visitors understand some of the history of this fort. 

10) Al Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve- Couples that love nature and wildlife must visit this site. Here, there are several mammals, different bird species, and various plants. Couples that visit this wildlife park will be delighted by how it has been well preserved over the years.

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