Victoria Gotti Net Worth – The Daughter of the Teflon Don

Victoria Gotti Net Worth

Victoria Gotti is a name that’s become synonymous with the infamous Gambino crime family. According to various reports, Victoria Gotti has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Born into one of New York City’s most notorious Mafia clans, Victoria Gotti is the daughter of the late John Gotti, who was once known as the “Teflon Don” due to his ability to evade criminal charges.

But Victoria Gotti is more than just the daughter of a famous mob boss; she’s a writer, a reality TV star, and a business woman with a net worth that’s been the subject of much speculation. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Victoria Gotti net worth and the factors that have contributed to it.

Victoria Gotti’s Net Worth

So, what is Victoria Gotti’s net worth? It’s difficult to say for sure, as there’s no official estimate of her wealth. However, it’s safe to say she’s worth several million dollars.

One main factor contributing to Victoria Gotti’s net worth is her reality TV career. According to reports, she was paid $40,000 per episode for her appearances on “Growing Up Gotti.” She’s also received a significant payday for her appearances on other reality TV shows.

Victoria Gotti Net Worth

Another factor contributing to Victoria Gotti’s net worth is her business ventures. While her clothing line may have failed to take off, her jewellery collection has been successful. She’s also been able to monetize her fame through various speaking engagements and book deals.

However, it’s worth noting that Victoria Gotti’s legal troubles impacted her net worth. The fines and penalties associated with her tax evasion case probably took a significant chunk of her wealth.

Early Life and Career

Victoria Gotti was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1962. Her father, John Gotti, was already a high-ranking member of the Gambino crime family when she was born. As a child, Victoria Gotti had a front-row seat to the inner workings of her father’s criminal enterprise. Despite the constant danger and uncertainty that came with growing up in a mob family, Victoria Gotti was able to forge her path in life.

After attending St. John’s University, Victoria Gotti began working as a columnist for the New York Post. She quickly gained a reputation for her biting commentary and insider knowledge of the city’s crime world. In 1995, she published her first book, “Women and Mitral Valve Prolapse,” a memoir about her experience with a heart condition.

Reality TV Career

In 2004, Victoria Gotti became a household name thanks to her appearance on the reality TV show “Growing Up Gotti.” The show followed Victoria Gotti and her three sons as they navigated life in the shadow of their infamous grandfather. The show was a hit, and it helped to establish Victoria Gotti as a public figure in her own right.

Victoria Gotti Net Worth

Since then, Victoria Gotti has appeared on several other reality TV shows, including “Celebrity Apprentice” and “Mob Wives.” While her reality TV appearances have helped boost her net worth, they’ve also come with their fair share of controversy. In 2012, Victoria Gotti was sued by a former producer of “Growing Up Gotti”, who claimed that she had breached her contract by making false statements about the show.

Business Ventures

In addition to her writer and reality TV star work, Victoria Gotti has ventured into the business world. In 2005, she launched a line of jewellery called the “Victoria Gotti Collection.” The line featured pieces inspired by her Italian heritage and love of diamonds. The collection was a hit and helped to establish Victoria Gotti as a successful entrepreneur.

In 2010, Victoria Gotti launched another business venture, this time in fashion. She found a clothing line called “Gotti’s Way,” featuring clothing and accessories inspired by her style. While the line was well-received by fans of Victoria Gotti, it ultimately failed to take off.

Legal Troubles and Financial Setbacks

Like many people with ties to organized crime, Victoria Gotti has had her fair share of legal troubles. In 2003, her mother accused her of using her father’s money to buy a $675,000 mansion in Long Island.

In 2012, Victoria Gotti was back in the news when someone accused her of being involved in a tax evasion scheme. According to the charges, Victoria Gotti had failed to report over $1 million in income from her book sales, appearances, and other business ventures. In 2013, she pleaded guilty to the charges, and the court sentenced her to probation.


The legal troubles and financial setbacks that Victoria Gotti has faced have undoubtedly impacted her net worth. However, she has resilience and determination in these challenges and continued to pursue her business and media ventures.

Personal Life

Aside from her professional achievements and legal troubles, Victoria Gotti’s personal life has also been the subject of media attention. She’s been married twice and has three children.

Her first marriage was to Carmine Agnello, who was also involved in the Gambino crime family. They had three sons together but divorced in 2002. Her second marriage was to Edward Garofalo Jr., but the couple divorced after three years.

Victoria Gotti’s Children

Victoria Gotti’s three sons have also been in the public eye, thanks to their appearances on “Growing Up Gotti” and media ventures.

Her oldest son, Carmine Jr., is a musician who has released several albums and performed on reality TV shows. Gotti middle son, John, has dabbled in acting and appeared on reality TV shows. Her youngest son, Frank, is a model and has also appeared on “Growing Up Gotti” and other reality TV shows.

Controversies Surrounding Victoria Gotti

As a member of the Gotti family, Victoria has been no stranger to controversy. In addition to her legal troubles, someone accused her of making false statements and exaggerating her involvement in certain events.

For example, people claimed her to have been present at the scene of her brother John’s murder but later admitted that she wasn’t there. She’s also embellishing the truth in her memoir, “This Family of Mine: What It Was Like Growing Up Gotti.”

Despite these controversies, Victoria Gotti has maintained a solid following and continued building her brand.

Legacy of the Gotti Family

Finally, it’s worth considering the broader legacy of the Gotti family and its impact on American culture. The Gambino crime family, of which John Gotti was the boss, was one of the country’s most influential and notorious criminal organizations.

While the Gotti family’s criminal activities have been widely condemned, they’ve also fascinated and intrigued many people.

In some ways, Victoria Gotti’s success in the media and entertainment industries continues this legacy. However, she also forged her path and built her brand outside of the shadow of her family’s criminal past.

Where does Victoria Gotti live now?

Victoria Gotti has been living in Long Island, New York, since the family’s relocation from Queens in the 1980s. However, the home she currently resides in differs from the one she grew up in.

In 2012, Gotti sold her father’s former home for $3.4 million and moved with her family to Oyster Bay. Her new home is a sprawling, three-story Colonial-style mansion on a 1.5-acre lot. The famous actor and director Marty Ingels previously owned the estate.

The mansion includes eight bedrooms, six full bathrooms, and two half bathrooms. It also features a heated pool, a gazebo, and a two-car garage. The home has tasteful, modern furnishings, a grand staircase, a gourmet kitchen, and a lavish main bedroom suite.

FAQs About Victoria Gotti Net Worth

Is Victoria Gotti still involved in reality TV?

While she hasn’t appeared on any reality TV shows recently, she has expressed interest in returning to the genre.

How does Victoria Gotti’s net worth compare to her siblings and family?

It’s difficult to say for sure, as there’s no official estimate of the net worth of other Gotti family members. However, it’s worth noting that John Gotti Jr. has also pursued media and entertainment ventures, including a reality TV show and a film production company.


In conclusion, Victoria Gotti’s net worth reflects her varied career and personal life. Born into a notorious Mafia family, she became a successful writer, reality TV star, and entrepreneur. While her legal troubles and financial setbacks have undoubtedly impacted her net worth, she’s shown resilience and determination in the face of these challenges.


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