Videos I Could Not Upload – MrBeast Shares What We’re Missing


All great ideas don’t deserve to see the light of day. Sometimes when you go on to execute them, the results don’t come out as planned. These situations make you think that ‘this looked better in my mind’. This is the case with every person on this planet. Great ideas turn out to be massive flops. The popular YouTuber MrBeast is no exception in this scenario. He has been credited with uploading quality content on his channel. But there have been times when his ideas haven’t turned out well. MrBeast shows us his ideas that ended up not making the cut with his video Videos I Could Not Upload. He then reacts to these ideas of his as he shows them in the video.

Ever heard cases where the Bloopers turn out to be funnier than some of the real videos? This surely seems to be the case here. Videos I Could Not Upload is a funny series comprising of ideas that did not turn out well. While the idea itself and their execution were good, the end result wasn’t what was desired. In such cases, MrBeast chose to not upload these videos. Considering the fact that generating content is difficult while in quarantine, he came up with this sequence. Some of his not so good ideas as per the video are mentioned below, read on to find out!

Ramming a car into a wall

MrBeast once had the amazing idea of ramming a car going at a hundred miles per hour, into a wall. It sounds like some fun and sweet destruction, except that technology messed it up this time. Before trying this he and his team also tried some other antics. They used a car instead of a bowling ball to known down bowling pins. Then they slammed a pickup truck into a porta-potty. To make things more interesting they even rammed a car into a green screen.

They also tried making a car sandwich. They put a slice of bread on the bonnet of one car and another slice of bread on the bonnet of another car. Then they made them slam each other head to head so that the bread pieces join together. It almost worked.

Then they put a brick on the pedal of a car and let it reach a hundred miles per hour. The catch was that there was a wall in front that it was supposed to ram. So far so good, but the camera that was supposed to record this collision took a blurry shot. All the efforts and a poor car were wasted just because the camera that was recording took a blurred shot. Just a small technical error made this amazing idea a part of Videos I Could Not Upload. Don’t try this at home, and if you do, remember to use multiple cameras.

Last to leave glue wins a bunch of money

Some ideas were just doomed from the start or they just fall apart. This is what happened in the case of Last to leave glue wins a bunch of money. MrBeast put a giant pit of glue in his warehouse for this one. The glue pit, unfortunately, couldn’t hold it and it burst open. Imagine the amount of cleaning they had to just because the glue couldn’t keep itself together. Again, don’t try this at home unless you’re fond of mopping the floor for weeks. This was destined to show up in Videos I Could Not Upload from the start.

Seven Wonders of the World

MrBeast, being the good friend that he is, decided to surprise each of his friends. He did that by gifting them a vacation to any one random wonder of the world. This seems like an amazing gig and everyone came up with good footage. Except MrBeast who forgot his camera on the plane and he couldn’t find a camera store in Italy. Basically, $90,000 went down the drain because he forgot his camera.

Building the world’s largest Dominos chain

Dominos are fun and watching them fall in a line is even more fun. That is until you try to line them up for weeks. In the first attempt, MrBeast gave his friends 3 days, and the one that makes the longest chain wins cash. They only managed to line up like 7000 Dominos in 3 days. Then they set out to create the world’s longest Dominos chain. They spend like a week doing this and realised how boring it really is. Moreover, the wind and MrBeast kept knocking them over. After four attempts to record the video, the idea was scrapped. Then it showed up in Videos I Could Not Upload.

Break a Bunch of World Records

This one sounds like a lot more fun than laying Dominos. Breaking world records is fun and it grants you a lot of popularity. It’s easier said than done though and MrBeast wanted to break a hundred records. MrBeast and his folks did manage to break some record though. They managed to break the record of longest throw through a tire with 31 yards. Chandler ended up breaking the record for the longest blind-folded catch. They also broke the record for the greatest number of single-handed catches in one minute with 51 catches. His team also tried to break the record for the highest football catch. They threw footballs from a Helicopter while folks on the field tried to catch them. Needless to say, it didn’t work.

Built a city out of Bouncy Castles

No matter how old you get, Bouncy Castles are fun. Well, unless you build a city out of them. Bouncy castles are fun but only for a few hours. So, while MrBeast did build a city out of them, there wasn’t much to do there. Hence after a few wild tackles and a few cringy stand-offs, it was game over for this idea.

Here is the link to the entire video:


Some ideas like raiding places with a thousand people wearing Dinosaur costumes sound like a lot of fun. But they may not always end up as you had imagined. But if you think you’ll have fun, you should go ahead and do it. It’ll either turn out well or become a part of the Videos I Could Not Upload segment as it did for MrBeast.


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