What are sensi seeds? Let’s find out!

What are sensi seeds

Are you familiar with cannabis? Bet you do. Many people make use of cannabis across the globe. Some countries even moved towards legalisation of the plant. Hemp is an other variant of the cannabis plant that is well known. A less known plant, however, is the one that grows out of seeds of sensi. While the name might suggest it is a different plant, it is actually a type of cannabis. Time for a history lesson on the sensi seed!

Origin of the seeds of sensi

The origin of the seeds can be found in The Netherlands (where else?). Although founded in the tiny European country, it is a breed that comes from all continents. The founder of the seeds went across the globe to collect the best types of cannabis. Ranging from Afghanistan to South America, Ben went all-in to create the best genetic cannabis plant. The result? A very stable hybrid seed which enjoys a strong reputation as a commercial cannabis.

There are many different types

Although the name might suggest it concerns one type, this is not the case. There are over 90 different types that have been created over the past 25 years. After years of optimisation, these seeds now generate the best commercial cannabis that is on the market. The upside? You do not have to purchase it off-street or in a dedicated store. You can simply purchase the seeds from the Internet and grow the plants yourself.

Sensi as a well-known brand

Sensi is not only the name of the plants, but also of the brand. The company has won many competitions throughout its existence. Many trophies from the High Times Cannabis Cup and Cannabis Cup are among the collection of the brand. If you are interested in award winning seeds, you can check out their award winning types to grow them yourself. Some have been awarded for their ‘ease of growing’, which also makes it accessible for new growers out there. Growing is a fulfilling activity and makes sure you have no to limited pesticides in your cannabis, resulting in a higher quality.

Interested in growing your own?

There are many websites on the Internet that provide you with the possibility to purchase seeds. When you are doing research, it is important to check reviews. Especially the amount of reviews should be put into perspective. Many (positive) reviews suggest that it concerns a highly recommended website. Furthermore, you should check if the website ships to your home country. If that is the case (luck you), you can check the shipping fee. Some of the websites ask for ridiculously high shipping fees, which are best to avoid.

One of the top players in the market is Zamnesia. They sell dozens of seed types including those of the sensi breeds. Interested to learn more? Visit their website through:


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