What If Trailer: Scary Tech Investor Renée Zellweger Has an Indecent Proposal for You!

What/If trailer released and know more about the miniseries on Netflix.

WHAT IF Official Trailer

What if is an American upcoming miniseries with a leading character of Renée Zellweger. After a time period of 18 years, she again comes back for what/if. At first, she has voiced the anime movie “King of Hell’ in 1997 Renee reappearing in the American miniseries.

She is now returning for another TV serial with some adventure and thrill. The premiere is going to release on 24th May 2019. The director of the movie will make it and will carry it to several seasons in the time ahead. But for so that it is essential that fans will like it and it should be a highly ranked series. If it does not have some positive response from the viewers then it may be difficult to launch more seasons.

Table of Contents


It has a distinct story and different character’s performance in each episode. The first trailer of the upcoming series What/If will show that what will happen if some acceptable persons will start doing some of the unacceptable doings.

This upcoming series will explore the adventurous woman profitable but uncertain offers presenting cash-strapped pair of San Francisco couples. Blake Jenner and Jane Levy are living as a happy couple.

The couple got some profitable opportunity to have a lot more in their lives. Therefore, they are wondering about that risk. Now it is a time to see what will do to avail all in their lives. Are they going to take that opportunity to get more profit or they will excuse it?

To know more about their decision just to wait for the whole movie. And see what they will do to change their lives.

Director: Mike Kelley

Star Cast: Renée Zellweger, Jane Levy, Blake Jenner, Daniella Pineda.

Release Date: 2019

What/If Trailer

Here you can view the official trailer of the series below.


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