Blindspot Season 5: Will Be The Final Season Release Date, Trailer And More!

Blindspot is reneweing again for final season of the series.

Blindspot Season 5

Blindspot is one of the famous show of American Crime Drama on the TV screen. The show has a lot of potentials, but making a mass murderer into an FBI agent right off, is just not believable.

The show has been released its four seasons. All are going good. But people like more season 1 and season 3. But now Blindspot is releasing its next season 5. And this season will be the final season of the series. After Blindspot Season 5 there are no more production and story sequels of the series.

Wellers and Jane’s character is supposed to be badass. The show is eccentric, real action, keep you always on toes.


Predictable, no depth in the story. Great concept but that’s where the creative writing stopped. It was a great concept for a great show but writers got lazy. The story would have been better if he survived, it was wrong to kill her brother.

The plot twists and build-ups are just well laid and planned to precision. The change in characters behavior is very beautiful. This is the best series in its category ever in my opinion. Have some glimpse from previous season 4.

The main character “Jane” is not an FBI agent but somehow they allow her to take the role of one, handing her weapons, allowing her to interrogate suspects and even give orders to FBI agents throughout the program.

The FBI director has a role too big for her and seems lost. Please hire good writers and a director to fix this show which has great potential. They should have kept her locked up like they did Roman, Jane’s brother after he lost his memory.

Blindspot Season 5 Trailer

There is no trailer released for final season but I will show you later when it will be officially announced.

Blindspot Season 5 Release Date

The final episode of two hours will be airing on 31 May 2019.


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