What is death Stranding about? 

what is death stranding about

In particular, Death Stranding is simply an action game where the player must survive to save the world. Kajima Productions firstly released this game mainly towards ps4 gamers. In the beginning, the game begins with returning the soul of Clifford Unger’s son. Even though Bridget Strand gave back the baby’s soul, she fully brought the two worlds very close. As a result, she somehow allowed an inflow of BTs towards the land of the living. 

Further going into the game, you will see the United States is in a severe disaster. If you are wondering, you will also see destructive creatures that got free onto the earth. While the players take control over Sam Porter Bridges, they must reconnect multiple states through their wireless network. So, this is basically the game plan of Death Stranding. Overall, just connect UCS, don’t get killed, and save the destruction of mankind. 

What is Death Stranding about in the game?

If you ever play the Death Stranding game, you will face a doomsday situation worldwide. Because of the BTs (Beached Things), the Death Stranding is occurring. In fact, the BTs got to the world of the living and are causing huge chaos. Important to realize that death stranding is also massive destruction with multiple explosions. 


Furthermore, this death stranding situation involves voidouts. Then again, these simultaneous explosion voidouts end up leaving nothing but crates. So, we can see that those BTs are triggering this Death Stranding in the game. I hope now you know what Death is stranding about in the game. 


Somethings You Need To Know About What Is Death Stranding About.

Firstly, what is Death Stranding about as a whole game? Significantly, the game is about the end of the world and is basically a doomsday simulation. In the game, Beached Things or BTs cause massive harm to the world. BTs are, in fact, invisible, and they originate somewhere from the beach. Additionally, in the game, the Beach land is a place that differs from one person to another. 


In general, a person visits the land when they are in a near-death situation. Often this land is somehow connected to the afterlife of the characters. The best indeed cause an explosion or void out when they eat dead bodies. After that, they start to make aging rain or time fall. This time all will eventually age anyone that touches it. So, these events will ultimately end up in doomsday and also wipe out all humanity. 


However, many isolated cities survive this situation, and they form a union that we know as the United Cities of America. Unfortunately, the developers named these remote colonies or cities as Knot cities. The brave porters need to fight BTs, terrorists, and Bandits and finally deliver supplies to those knot cities. 


The porters carry a BB with them, which lets them detect BTs. However, this state is only possible when the Porters create a bond with the BBs. If the connection is strong enough, then they can even control BTs. The BBs are always inside a pod that indeed matches a mother’s womb. 


Characters in the Death Stranding game

The Death Stranding indeed has multiple characters that have real-life existence. First of all, we see Sam Porter Bridges as the brave porter who fights BTs, terrorists, and other UCA enemies. Norman Reedus leads this initial role of Sam Porter, the protagonist of Death Stranding. Then comes Margaret Qualley as Mama, and Nicolas Refn as Heartman’s character. 


The overall game has many real-life characters and actors in Hollywood. However, the developers randomly changed the voice to make it extra real. 


What is Death stranding about the character side, and are they unique? Well, yes, they are. Mikkelsen, Seydoux, Del Toro, and others represented themselves as like nowhere else. In fact, they even lent their face for the sake of the game. 


Time in the Death stranding game PS4

In general, a good game will last for hours to come. Though the Death stranding isn’t that big of a deal, it is still quite long. In fact, the death strand has a total finishing time of over fifty hours. 


The story includes multiple things like lengthy walks, quite a few numbers of packages, and tons of dramatic cutscenes. Furthermore, the full game has many end credit scenes that are totally useless. Anyhow, the whole game did not end just yet. 


The fifty-hour game indeed has many side quests that boost the game a little bit more. Finally, after you complete the game, you can play any portion you like. That is, the whole world is entirely open to you. 


What ratings is Death Stranding about

People often search what Death is stranding about in terms of online ratings. Generally speaking, these scores are what other websites think about the game. So, when you have a confusion about any of the scores, then please google it. 


Review sites


Destructoid 8/10
Famitsu 40/40
VideoGamer.com 8/10
EGM 5/5
Easy Allies 8.0/10


In conclusion, let us talk about the aggregate scores. The Metacritic score for PC: is 86/100. And on the other hand, the PS4 score is 82/100. 


Three Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know in What Is Death Stranding About.

Significantly, three things will surprise you, and it is outside the game itself. We have touched almost all the parts inside the game. However, we didn’t focus on some crucial factors like sales, Awards, and Legacy. So, here are what Death is stranding about in those cases. 



Immediately after the first week, Death Stranding sold about 2 million copies worldwide. In fact, this fantastic game won the best selling physical game title in Japan. As a result, the Death stranding game made the most successful debut for Current generation consoles. 


Furthermore, this game overtook all the previous records like a flash. Anyhow, the Death Stranding game was on the top 30th best selling physical game for almost five weeks. And on December 15th, this game ended up selling more than 2.5 million copies. 


Finally, the game has ended up selling more than 5 million copies until the year 2020. 


Until now, the Death Stranding Game was nominated for multiple awards. But the game never seems to win too many of them. Additionally, the game didn’t win any significant awards that it can be proud of. 


So, let us talk about the ways that it won in the past and present years. First of all, in the year 2019, it won the best game Direction and the best score/music, and the Best Performance award, respectively. 


In the year 2019, there are two more awards, Outstanding achievement in Audio Design and the Outstanding Technical Achievement. 


Shortly in the beginning of the year 2020, the game won Excellence in Musical Score and the Technical Achievement award. 


Finally, there is a pending award for the PC game of the year. The results of this award will be given in the later update. 


As can be seen, the game is quite similar to the CoronaVirus Pandemic of the present days. A Chinese man even introduced a suit from the game to protect his child. Furthermore, many scenes of this pandemic are somewhat related to the previous games of Kojima Games. One such game is Metal Gear Solid 2. 


However, a parody game set is in the market that resembles the current situation of the covid-19 pandemic. 


Is Death Stranding worth Buying?

In reality, there is no valid answer to whether you should buy the game or not. The reason is that every game depends on the story itself. Only the graphics or the characters don’t mean everything to the players. However, Death Stranding is quite unique, and you will like it. 


Seven most asked Question in What is Death Stranding about


What is death stranding even about?

Death Stranding is a game that relates to a doomsday situation in the world. In the case of the game, there are many Beached Things or BTs that cause destruction. Furthermore, the creatures are invisible, and only the porters with a Bridge baby can see them. Overall, the game has many scenes and is quite dull. 


Did death stranding sell well?

For the most part, the Death Stranding game sold quite well in many parts of the world. In reality, there have been more than five million copies of this game sold till the year 2020. However, the game got the most sales from Japan, where it is also the best seller. 


What is the baby in death stranding?

Particularly in the Death Stranding game, the baby is a connection between the living and the dead. In other words, a baby is just a tool that lets the porters see and even control BTs in the game. If Sam didn’t have the BB, then he could jump from one world to another. 


Does Mama have to die death stranding?

Generally speaking, Death Stranding is a confusing game. How dies, who lives, and how is still alive is not sure about the game. Furthermore, Mama drank a lot of timefall to survive, and she also gave birth to a baby that was a BT. If the game had any laws at all, then she would have died. However, she survived and then died, according to the game reviewers. 


Does death stranding have guns?

If you play the Death Standing game, you will find many tools to find BTs and terrorists. The guns are Bola Gun, assault rifles, handguns, and so on. However, you will have to spend a decent amount of time to unlock them. Initially, you will get the Bola gun, then the assault rifles, etc. 


Who is the villain in death stranding?

As I said earlier, the Stranding game is tough to determine. In fact, the villain in stranding is Higgs Monaghan, who is actually an Ally to Sam. Yeah, an Ally. Sam is the hero in the game, but somehow his enemy is his friend and so on so forth. 


How long does it take to beat death stranding?

The entire game has about fifty hours of screen time. However, you can also finish the game earlier if you skip the video part and stick to the main objects. In fact, the time is reduced to just thirty hours when you do so. But my advice is, you should not only focus on the main stuff as this is a game and you should just enjoy it. 


Wrapping What is Death Stranding About

When I first looked up at stranding about, I was pretty confused. In the game, it is quite confusing to know who is dead and who is alive. But the exciting part of the game is that you cannot trust anyone. Your ally may even turn against you and use you in the game. In general, this game is not that of a good deal. If you have more alternatives, then you should go with that one. 


Firstly, the game is boring and not so realistic. However, the graphics of the game are unquestionably good. Anyhow, it depends totally on you whether you want to play it or not. 


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