What is the role of a community association manager?


Community association managers are a professionally licensed group of individuals that work alongside property managers and owners. Their goal is to process and streamline important state and legal information while keeping accurate financial records for budgeting purposes. This is a great role for individuals that enjoy written and verbal communication.

Understanding the nuances of state law regarding properties can be a daunting task, which is why a professional CAM is hired to help navigate the system. There are specific timelines to adhere to and an order in which tasks should be completed that the average person isn’t familiar with. CAM licensing is required in Florida if you manage properties that are larger than 10 units or have a budget that exceeds $100,000. Look into becoming a Florida community association manager if this sounds like a good fit for you.

CAMs Manage Properties

CAMs have a more complex job than traditional property managers. They are trained to handle a wide range of property types, such as homeowners associations, condominium associations, commercial tenant associations, and resort communities. CAMs are not responsible for the individually owned property; just common areas and upholding the governing rules of the association. Property managers work on a smaller scale and are responsible for the entire property. If your garage door is broken, you might contact your property manager, where a CAM is responsible for reporting a down power line or a pothole in the road.

Overseeing Funds & Budgets

A Florida community association manager oversees the property of an association in both a literal, tangible sense, such as a pothole in the road, as well as in a fiscal sense. CAMs play an integral part in record keeping with regard to funds and budgets. This clerical aspect of the job is important to the smooth continuance of daily business operations.

Give Association Notices

It is crucial that association notices are made available to the correct parties. Proper communication is crucial to maintain progress on any project. There are necessary procedures to follow when trying to make changes within a community, and it is important that it is all taken care of in a timely manner. All of these communications are then documented and submitted in the form of a report to the necessary parties.


Day-To-Day Operations

For Florida community association managers, this can be anything from answering phone calls and scheduling meetings to attending community planning meetings at the local courthouse and writing extensive budgeting reports. It is all in the day’s work for an experienced CAM. Essentially, a CAM is a buffer between the clerical and legal paperwork necessary to keep the association running smoothly and the physical side of property management. A CAM will take a complex situation and reduce it into an easily digested set of steps for a property manager to follow up with.

CAM Is A Busy Role

Florida residency is not a requirement for CAM licensing, and the process itself can be done very quickly if you are studious. There are a wide range of educational programs that you can seek to provide you with more licensing information. It is a busy role but might be the perfect fit for individuals who enjoy management roles and are adept in communications.



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