What is Valentine’s Day? History And Why Do We Celebrate it!

The earliest description of February 14 as an annual celebration of love, Historical background and reason to celebrate it!

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14th February an annual celebration for expressing love between the two. It is a day to make the lovers one. Famous and the best places that celebrate Valentine’s Day are America, Canada, Australia, France, Mexico, South Korea, and the Philippines.

This celebration is a chance to say some special words to make someone permanent in your life. Valentine’s Day is the best option for couples to stay connected with their memories. It will provide the Ideas for Long Distance Couples to Celebrate Valentine’s Day.

We are here explaining the actual meaning of Valentine’s Day and its historical background. Take a view to know a lot about the day.

What is Valentine’s Day?

The day of romance and affection always celebrated on 14th February each year. valentine day is also known as the “Saint Valentine Day”.  Well, it associated with choosing your life partner, and the expression of love for someone special. So, it will be celebrated in all over the United States and many other places. The loved ones change the gifts and candy wrap with each other.

Well, here we will explain to you the background history of this commercially celebrated day on 14th February.

History of Valentine’s Day

Although, this day is not only for just exchanging the gifts it has a love tale behind it. Besides all, this love tail explains the way of true love, commitment and the real meaning of Valentine’s Day.

Here are the main and real things behind that day that you must have to know about!

How Did Valentine’s Day Start

However, in ancient times, a period of time vacation even before Saint Valentine’s time. Although, this holiday is also famous as Lupercalia, celebrated fertility, and will have enclosed a formal celebration within which boys and girls were paired off by selecting names from a jar.

So, previously in Greece, across the region, that culture makes a mid-winter celebration for the wedding of the “god Zeus” and therefore the “goddess Hera”. Some historians marvel if these traditions could have influenced the means we have a tendency to currently celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day.

Who Was Saint Valentine

“Saint Valentine” is the actual hero of chocolate hearts. Many Christian priests are famous as Valentine. But the real and actual Saint Valentine is residential of Rome. However, two names are the most common for Saint Valentine. Different stories are available in history for these two valentines. Well, the legends for this day of romance have numerous telling.

But the actual Saint Valentine is a priest of Roman who makes weddings of the soldiers who were banned to get married. Because the Emperor’s law dictates that the married troopers did be good warriors in the field of battle.

He used to wear a ring having the picture of an angel on it. It has an image of love which helped troopers acknowledge him. And in an exceeding predecessor to acknowledgment cards, he two-handed out paper hearts to prompt Christians of their love for God.

Due to this act, he became famous among the people as a supporter of true love. Saint Valentine starts making pairs of chocolate-hearts. And these pairs summon up their commitment towards their God. This act will connect Saint Valentine with love.

The poem “Parlement of Foules” of “Geoffrey Chaucer” in 1381 was the main origin of today’s the modern Valentine’s Day. In the 269 A.D, the Emperor came to know about these secret marriages. And he ordered his army to put Saint Valentine behind the bar. And singes her death orders.

Well, this act for love of Saint Valentine makes history for lovers. And they decided to celebrate this day on the mid of the February. Because they believe that this season is the mating season of birds. So they connect the lovebirds with the 14th of February each year for making love and affection. Now it is a tradition of Britain to make love and couples on that day in the memory of Valentine. On this day the flowers, gifts and candy wrap consider as the traditional gifts for the Valentine celebration.

Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day

In the 15th century, the valentine word describes the lover in the poem and songs. However, at the start of the 18th century a book name as “The Young Man’s Valentine Writer” was published in the UK for the lovebirds. Therefore, now in the 19th century, the paper Valentine’s Cards are specially made for Valentine Day. So, this invention now we will use to express our feeling about someone special. And this is what we celebrate to make the event more amazing and hot.

At the end what matter who you are, from where you are, or who is with you. Just feelings do matter. Therefore, celebrate your day to follow the true feeling of your heart. And be the special one in the life of others whom you love.


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