An Interview With Patrick Kogler Founder of 4P Coaching

The young entrepreneur will tell us what special coaching is all about in the following interview.

Patrick Kogler- interview EN
Patrick Kogler interview

Interview with Patrick Kogler from Patrick Kogler is the founder of 4P COACHINGS. The young entrepreneur will tell us what special coaching is all about in the following interview.

1. Who are you and what are you doing?

Hi, I’m Patrick Kogler, 26 years old and I´m from Austria. In addition to my self-developed coaching (), I am a successful online marketing coach and very active on various social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook.

2. Interesting! That means we can also find you on Instagram and Facebook. Under which name are you active there?

Under pkogler18. The number “18” I use because I started with almost 18 years in self-employment and since then I give everything to build myself a life of freedom and independence.

3. This plan seems to have worked out well! Tell us more about your 4P COACHING. Why did you develop this coaching?

Because I worked for several years in Sales and Network and noticed that most coaches can only motivate people in the short term, but they do not manage to keep them motivated in the long run and to bring them into the implementation of their specific ideas of life and goals.

So I did not want to be a motivational coach but my goal was to show people how to find their motivation inside and above all how to keep themselves motivated to reach their individual dreams and goals.

The implementation of the learned is of enormous importance!4. What does “4P” COACHING mean? The 4P in the name stands for 4 phases, in which I respond to the personal needs of each participant.

Each phase has a different focus and all phases together make the perfect tool for a fulfilling, successful and happy life.

It does not matter which professional and private goals are being pursued by someone and the coaching can be booked by private persons as well as by companies and start-ups.

4. How long does such a coaching take?

The 4P COACHING extends over a month, in which the customer is looked after personally or also over Skype Calls.6. When did you actually start 4P Coaching? Exactly 3 years ago I developed my coaching and the website  has been around for almost 2 years now.

5. Can you give us a brief insight into the 4 different phases?

Yes gladly. In the first phase, we build the foundation and discuss in detail the ideas and goals of the participants.

Furthermore, we work very hard with subconscious. The second phase is about implementing powerful and positive habits and eliminating fears, as well as negative habits and mental patterns.

The third phase is about putting into practice what you have learned and we are dedicated to building your own brand and the perfect social media presence.

The fourth and final phase is about the right sale and I also reveal some strategies and secret weapons to successfully build a business

6. That sounds promising. What feedback do you receive from your coaching participants?

To be honest I have only received positive feedback so far. On my website  you can also find some customer recessions. If you feel like it, you are welcome to read it.

I am very happy to see how satisfied people are because they are experiencing coaching for the first time where they are really taken by the hand and picked up where they happen to be. So it is not a concept that is simply put on one, but I work individually with each person on his life goals.

7. Thank you, Patrick, for the interesting conversation and all the best for your future! Where can we find out more about you?

As already mentioned, on my website  or on Instagram under pkogler18 and Facebook under Patrick Kogler. Thank you for the interview!


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