When Work Hurts: What Causes Construction Accidents and How to Receive Justice in Chicago, Illinois

Construction Accidents

Chicago is a vibrant city that’s always expanding and improving: there are thousands of construction projects taking place daily in the Windy City, from renovating one bedroom of a house to building an entirely new skyscraper. However, construction can be incredibly dangerous, and though safety guidelines prevent many tragic accidents, many still occur even with the greatest precautions. 

As construction involves heavy equipment and hard physical labor, these injuries can be catastrophic – which is why everyone who steps foot onto a construction site needs to know their rights and options should they be injured. Today, we’ll discuss the common causes of construction accidents, who is liable, and how those harmed in this line of business can receive justice for their pain.

Construction accidents happen for numerous reasons, not all of which are preventable

First, let’s note one of the most obvious reasons for construction accidents: human error. Even the most well-run construction site can be hectic: there’s a lot of moving parts, both logistically and physically, and poor communication can easily cause someone to be hurt. For example, someone may not secure a piece of equipment before leaving for the day, and someone else walks near it, only for the equipment to fall and hit them. A piece of machinery may break, and an employee does not inform others, who are then hurt when they attempt to use it again. Human error also includes poor oversight, which causes dangerous working conditions, and negligence, where cost-cutting measures lead to unsafe situations and potential harm.

However, there are other reasons, which may be out of the control of workers or employers. For example, a piece of equipment may have a manufacturing error that causes it to fail, or may be poorly maintained, breaking down and severely injuring those who use it. Environmental conditions can also be a factor in construction accidents: bad weather, like high winds, could make equipment topple over, or unstable soil might lead machinery to tilt or malfunction. Slips and falls are also possible due to slick surfaces, while heat or cold can make operations difficult and lead to greater strain on workers. 

When someone is injured in a construction accident, it’s necessary to understand which factors have caused it, as this can make it clear who is liable for the injuries.

A variety of stakeholders may be held responsible for an accident

It may seem straightforward to determine who is liable for a construction accident, but there are many more players at hand than it appears at first glance. The most obvious are those who are actually on the construction site: employers, employees, and overseers. As they are directly responsible for ensuring the safety of their fellow workers, they can be liable should there be an accident. Failure to provide safe working conditions can lead to serious injuries, but this also goes for fellow workers: if they are negligent in their own work, they can cause accidents.

However, there are others who may be responsible, including manufacturers and suppliers, as well as the property owners of the construction site. If it’s found that a manufacturer produced subpar products that later caused an accident, they have some responsibility; similarly, suppliers who sell equipment that they recognize is up to standard have a role to play as well. 

Determining fault can be incredibly difficult in cases such as these, because there are so many different factors at play. This is why it’s essential that workers who are injured on construction sites reach out to a qualified lawyer, who can determine the facts of the matter and determine the best path forward for the worker. 

Working with a qualified personal injury attorney can mean the difference between recovery and disappointment

When someone is hurt on a construction site, there are two options for redress: workers’s compensation and a civil lawsuit. Each of these have their own merits, and it can be hard to decide what’s the best path forward, which is why it’s essential that an injured party contact a qualified Chicago construction accident attorney for advice. 

It’s important to understand that if you select workers’ compensation, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to pursue a personal injury lawsuit as well, and some industries bar employees from filing civil lawsuits against their employers. An experienced personal injury attorney can examine the laws surrounding your particular industry and determine whether it’s possible to sue for damages in your case.

A personal injury attorney can also assist you in deciding between workers’ compensation and a lawsuit based on your circumstances. While workers’ compensation pays out faster, it will only cover medical bills and a portion of lost wages; on the other hand, personal injury lawsuits take longer to settle, but they will generally provide a larger settlement, as they can help you recoup the full lost wages, as well as additional compensation for emotional damages.

Regardless of what you ultimately decide, it’s essential that you reach out to an attorney right away, as there is a time limit both to seeking workers’ compensation and filing a lawsuit. A great personal injury attorney will be able to assist you in choosing the right path for your case, based upon the facts of the matter.

Though some accidents are impossible to prevent, many construction accidents are the fault of at least one party, which is why it’s essential to speak to an attorney, who can help you receive compensation for your injuries. With the support and guidance of a responsible lawyer, you can receive the help you need to start the healing process and move on from this tragedy. 


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