When You Have the Ability to Help, You Have a Responsibility To Do The Same


There are a lot of companies around the world operating for profit. Many of them reach a level of success that many people can only dream of. This type of success comes from hard work, dedication, and persistence. So when a company chooses to put their hard-earned wealth to help those in need, it is indeed a noble act.

Holborn Assets is a company that desires to impact the lives of the people in the the communities they operate in a positive, uplifting way. Holborn Assets believes in the value of family and giving back to the world around them through kind, charitable actions. The Holborn Heroes are the forefront of this ideal through which the company puts its beliefs into action.

Currently, The Holborn Heroes are focused on child education, especially children in impoverished communities. Recently Holborn Assets partnered with the Emirates Red Crescent to bring quality education and the necessary supplies for learning to children in Syria, Yemen and Dubai. But The Holborn Heroes take that extra step. Many of the company’s employees participated in charity fund raisers, such as the Dessert Warrior Challenge and the Dubai Marathon, to help get the necessary means to get those children the valuable education they need.

In Malawi, The Holborn Heroes support group called Fisherman’s Rest. Fisherman’s Rest is involved in all types of community improvement projects including the construction of educational facilities, providing food for those in need, and reforestation of the local habitat. Certain members of The Holborn Heroes will be travelling to Malawi to lend a hand in the projects.

Holborn Assets also supports causes for good in Sri Lanka through their support of the CCC, better known as the Courage Compassion Commitment Foundation. The CCC recently built a transit home that provides housing and sustenance for patients receiving treatments for debilitating diseases. The CCC also facilitates a telephone counseling and guidance service free of charge for any of their fellow countrymen. Holborn Assets also supports the Punchi-Muthi Preschool and the Mission Rainbow Foundation of Sri Lanka. These organizations provide education for underprivileged youths as well as providing them with valuable life lessons and skills.

Another courageous act of note was the 2017 participation of two of Holborn Assets employees in the Mongol Rally. The Rally requires that the participants buy a old, well-used vehicle then travel over 10,000 miles across all types of treacherous terrain through the countries of Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, and Ulan-Ude.

As a leading international financial institute, Holborn Assets insists that all of its advisers are not only highly-qualified to do their respective jobs, but to perform them with integrity, dignity, and compassion for the communities they work in. They all follow the company’s mission to provide the very best service with the utmost respect. And though not sales driven, to ensure that their clients’ money is invested properly and protected vigilantly. All of Holborn Assets advisers are members of the CII, the Chartered Insurance Institute, or the CISI, known better as the Chartered Institute of Securities. All of their professional advisers strive to continue to quest after knowledge so as to attain the coveted title of Chartered Financial Planner. This is one of the highest honors one can attain at Holborn Assets and is only bestowed to those who have proven themselves time after time in their chosen profession.

Founded in 1998 in the United Arab Emirates, Holborn Assets has spread its influence all over the globe. The company is headquartered in Dubai with offices in United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia and are still expanding. Holborn Assets always strives to comply fully with all regulatory standards in the countries where they operate and all the while upholding the company’s strong ethical foundation. Holborn Assets continually strives to be a world leader in conducting business in an honorable and ethical fashion, all the while providing effective and timely financial solutions. Being a pillar of their communities is what all employees of Holborn Assets are required to be. To make their best better with every passing day. The leadership of the company is directly responsible for their monumental successes.

Today Holborn Assets is led in part by Chairman Philip Parker. A graduate of Cambridge University, Philip Parker brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the company. With proven multi-national corporate experience working with blue-chip companies from all around the world.

The Chief Executive Officer, and Founder, Robert Parker began his professional career in the Royal Air Force as a commissioned officer. He served his country for six years before starting a career in the insurance industry. He is a member and recurring guest speaker for the United Kingdom’s Life Insurance Association.

Board Director and Chief Operating Officer, Simon Parker is responsible for the company’s profit and loss as well as creating and communicating the company’s strategy for lead generation, marketing, recruitment and sales. Before coming to Holborn Assets, Simon Parker worked for Morgan Stanley, had many successful independent ventures and was a political and business analyst on Abu Dhabi Radio. He received his Bachelor of Science in economics from the London School of Economics. Simon also founded The Institute of Sales and Marketing which is now a leader in corporate education.

With leadership like this it is no surprise that Holborn Assets is the global success it is today. And with the continued practice of the same values that brought the company to where it is today, it is a certainty that company has a very, very bright future.


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