Why Do You Need To Buy Auto Insurance Rochester NY?

Auto Insurance

To know the importance of auto insurance, you must understand the features of auto insurance. Car insurance is not only used to protect you during the car accident. It also helps you to protect from legal consequences in addition to the financial need also. In some states auto insurance is mandatory and it must be used for paying the damage caused by you during the accident. If you do not have auto insurance then it is considered law-breaking. In some states,the person without auto insurance must pay a fine or they will be sent to jail. In this article let us discuss the types of insurance coverage and the importance of auto insurance. 

Auto Insurance Rochester NY is mandatory. If you do not have insurance proof while driving then it is a problem. The registered vehicle must have insurance and it will be monitored. If you do not have insurance then they will issue a fine or they can even cancel your license. If the vehicle is pulled over then the officers will immediately ask for the insurance proof from the auto insurance company. If you do not have auto insurance for the vehicle then there are chances to pay a certain sum as fine. They will also suspend the license and impound the car. You should show the insurance proof or pay fees for getting back the license and vehicle. 

In case of an accident, you must pay extra fine if you do not have auto insurance for the vehicle. The approximate cost of bodily injury is $15,500 and in case of property damage you must pay $3,300 and it varies based on the insurance research council. If you do not have auto insurance and caused an accident then you must pay extra for it. 

If you have auto insurance then it will include the medical bills of the other driver and also the cost of replacing the car. It depends on the policy and varies depending on the policy limits. In case if you do not auto insurance then as per the law you are responsible for all damages for the other person. You must pay the medical bills of the other person and also pay the bill for car repair. If you do not pay the bills then as per the law you will be sent to jail or sometimes the court will ask you to pay the person every month.

Genesee Valley Agency offers auto insurance with different types of coverage. You must consider the coverage type before applying for car auto insurance

Liability insurance:

This insurance type provides coverage when you damage property or another person in your car. In this policy, there are two types of limits they are PDL (Property damage liability) and BIL (Bodily injury liability). All states in America require auto insurance except Florida. 

PIP (Personal injury protection) policy:

This insurance type provides coverage for you and the passengers injured during the accident. The person with the health-related issue can choose this insurance type since the health coverage includes medical bills also. It also pays the lost wages. 

Collision insurance:

This policy provides coverage for replacing or repairing the vehicle if you met with an accident.Collision insurance is not mandatory but it will help you if you do not have money for replacing or repairing the car.

Comprehensive insurance:

Damage caused by other things except another car is covered in comprehensive insurance. It protects your vehicle from weather damage, vandalism, and theft. 

Gap insurance:

People with auto loans are covered in this insurance type. Car auto insurance provides the cash when the car is stolen or damaged in an accident. The cash value will be less than the car value. Gap insurance will pay the difference amount. 

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