Why is the Super Bowl so important?


It’s hard to believe that we’re here again and that Super Bowl Sunday is just days away. This year we get to see the Kansas City Chiefs battle it out against the Philadelphia Eagles. When it comes to predicting a winner, the truth is that Super Bowl betting patterns are evenly spread and it’s hard to make a call. Perhaps the video showing Tottenham Hotspur’s NFL teammate challenge can shed some light on who other athletes think the winners will be.

There’s no denying that winning the Super Bowl is a big deal, but what is it that makes it quite so special? That’s what we’re about to take a look at now. 

Every game is an event 

Many will argue that football is in the fabric of America. While, officially, baseball may be the most popular sport in the US, the passion that football fans bring is simply something else. Part of the attraction is that the Super Bowl, and all things NFL, grew alongside the popularity of televisions. This meant that the sport suddenly had a worldwide audience to work with.

The NFL also offers scarcity. With baseball, there are over 160 games every season. With the NFL, there are just 16 and these culminate in the Super Bowl. This means that every single game is a huge event and it’s something that everyone wants to be part of.

It doesn’t have a set home

When you look at other sporting events, there tends to be a set home for major events to take place. Either that or there will be a home team that gets an advantage by playing on its own turf. The Super Bowl is different.

With the Super Bowl, the location is rotated each year. Cities bid for the rights to host it and often this brings major new investment to the one that is successful. 

Super Bowl commercials 

While people may not always be fans of ads, when it comes to the Super Bowl, commercials have become an integral part of the experience. The quality of the ads actually brings in a bigger audience as those who wouldn’t normally watch the sport want to take a look.

These big ads began in 1984 when Apple released one based on the Orwell novel, 1984. Since then we’ve seen talking animals, emotional moments and great humour abound. The ads are such a big part of the experience that companies are willing to spend $7 million for a 30-second slot.

The halftime show 

The Super Bowl just wouldn’t be what it is without the halftime show. Once a thing that solely featured marching bands, since the 1990s, fans have been treated to world-famous acts such as Michael Jackson, Prince and many more.

This year, it’s the turn of Rhianna to take centre stage and we can be sure that she’ll build on the Super Bowl tradition of delivering a world-class show. With $10 million going into it, there’s certainly plenty of pressure to make it a success. 


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