World War Z PS4 Server Issues for PS4 and other Platforms- Hotfix is coming

World War Z PS4

World War Z is a third-person, and new zombie shooter video game. Saber Interactive developed this game as well as Focus Home Interactive and Mag Dog Games LLC published it. The game made on the base of 2006 book of the same name. Moreover, a film adaptation came with the same universe in 2013. After that, this game announced in December 2017

The game released on 16 April 2019 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
The game follows the groups of zombie in New York, Moscow, Jerusalem, and Tokyo.

On all platforms, players have crashing problems and unable to play the online game due to server issues. Moreover, World War Z owners and PS4 are also facing server issues. Is there a hotfix coming.

Are World War Z game have server issues?

Many players are complaining about World War Z on PlayStation 4. However, the company is aware of connection and server issues, and they are trying to resolve these issues. (Tramadol)

PS4 players can only play the game offline due to multiple failed attempts, and it is not so satisfied for a little built around online play. Due to these errors, players are very frustrated.

Is there hotfix coming for the World War Z PS4 issues and other platforms?

Well don’t worry, the good news is that the company will resolve the issues as soon as possible. Therefore, they are working on a hotfix in which more server would be added so that PlayStation 4 players can play online without any problem.


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