How to Keep Your Dog in the Best Health Possible

Dog in the Best Health

The bond that you create with your dog is irreplaceable as being shown devotion and love unconditionally is amazing. The dedication to your dog shouldn’t just stop with a pat on the head as their health should be a focus of yours. You want your furry friend to live the highest quality life possible which will require a proactive approach. Vet bills can be massive with many problems compounding with your dog if not addressed in a timely manner. A variety of aspects impact your dog’s health so educating yourself on these is of utmost importance. While it’s perfectly normal that all pet owners want only the best for their pets, sometimes things get out of hand and that’s why you should always be covered with a pet plan. The following are tips that will help you keep your dog in the best health possible. 

Cutting up low-fat meats into their diet for dog with pancreatitis can be a great addition that convinces a picky dog to finish their food.


Going out on walks with your dog needs to be done on a daily basis. Your dog should not be trapped inside of the home all day and should be taken out even if they have a backyard to run wild in. You can get your exercise in during this time as well as adding a weighted vest on a walk can help you artificially increase your heart rate. Going out to the park or a beach is another option for those breeds that might still have excess energy like Huskies or Border Collies. For those that have older dogs, there could be a better option to help them exercise. Getting a dog life jacket and exercising in the pool can provide a low-impact workout that will be easy on the joints. 

If your dog is constantly destructive this could be a sign they are not getting enough exercise. Dogs that might be a bit jumpy when visitors come could also have too much energy. Tiring your dog out can allow for true relaxation at the end of the day rather than a dog that keeps begging for an anonymous item. 


Choosing a high-performance dog food is essential for those that have incredibly energetic dogs. The last thing that you want is to give your dog food that has a number of preservatives in it. Dogs that have issues with their stomach can even be purchased food that is made with sensitive stomachs in mind. The last thing that you want to do is have your dog constantly eating off of the table. While your dog might love pizza, this is not going to be good for them. Cutting up low-fat meats into their food can be a great addition that convinces a picky dog to finish their food. 

Dental Health

Dogs are notorious for their bad breath with some breeds suffering from this far more than others. Brushing your dog’s teeth is not always an option due to dogs avoiding this due to discomfort. There are foods and treats that can be used to reduce bad breath and fight against plaque. You do not want your dog to have their teeth pulled as this can be painful for them and expensive for you simultaneously. There are also sprays that can help with dental health. Getting your dog in the habit of having their teeth brushed as a puppy is still wise though. 

Joint Health 

Certain breeds have health issues that are specific to that breed. Hip problems are common among larger dogs or dogs that tend to be overweight. The last thing you want is your dog to be in pain simply from following their regular routine. Finding joint supplements and being aware of surfaces your dog is playing on is important. Losing weight could be the answer that relieves the stress your dog puts on their joints daily. A great diet combined with the right supplements can give your dog a decent chance to combat joint issues that arise with age. 

Your dog deserves the best care possible and oftentimes you can improve your dog’s health along with your personal health. Take the time to do an honest assessment of your dog’s health and see where you can improve it today!



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