YouTube Kids Monetization for “Made for Kids” Content


If you create kids content on YouTube, you’ve probably heard of the platform’s revised YouTube Kids monetization policy that was announced through a blog post. If you haven’t, don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. In fact, it’s great news for YouTube creators who make high-quality content for children.

YouTube uses various opportunities to display its careful approach to the user experience on the popular video-sharing platform. Its algorithms and tools eliminate low-quality videos that both you and your kids can find inappropriate or unsafe.

The same principles apply to YouTube channels that take advantage of audiences who watch kid-related content with ads.

So, what does it mean for you as a content creator? Here are all the details.

Can You Earn Money on a YouTube Kids Channel?

If you plan on monetizing kid-focused content as your primary income source on YouTube, you should ask whether it’s possible. The crushing reality is that generally, it can be challenging to make a living off of the creation of kids’ content.

First, if your YouTube channel is marked “Made for Kids”, then the platform judges your content on low-quality principles for kids and family content.

This means that your kids’ videos must comply with YouTube’s rules for kid content and Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

This also means that your video content will be subject to additional new restrictions such as shorter ad breaks and stricter age-gating.

Additionally, the video deemed inappropriate for kids will be removed or age-restricted as YouTube’s systems filter mature videos.

YouTube demands that any video “Made for Kids” should avoid:

  • Encouragement of negative behaviors.
  • Sharing of misleading information.
  • Heavy advertisements throughout the video.

You also cannot include:

  • YouTube channel memberships,
  • The notification bell,
  • End screens, cards, and more to your video.

Think of the popular YouTube channel among children, Ryan’s World. Have you noticed the lack of a notification bell on the channel page?

While you might think those differences from standard YouTube channels are insignificant, they are the monetization features that bring high ad revenue. And they are restricted to videos made for kids even if the YouTube channel meets the criteria of YouTube partner-program terms.

Since YouTube dealt with such a hefty penalty from the Federal Trade Commission before, they are extremely careful with their rules for kids’ content, making it difficult for monetization.

However, there are still other options to help you make your breakthrough.

5 Ways to Make Money on YouTube as Kids Creators

If you appeal to the YouTube audience that is watching age-appropriate content, you have a greater chance of success.

Video content that is targeted at the right audience is more likely to be watched and shared, leading to increased watch time and engagement.

Therefore, you can use high engagement and the right video content strategy to make money on YouTube.

Here’s how:

Build Your Own Customized Website or App

Building your customized website or app can be an effective way to increase your ad revenue as a kids’ content creator.

Not only does it allow you to have more control over the monetization of your video content, but it also gives you a platform where you can connect with your audience in a more personal way.

Using YouTube as your marketing platform, you can redirect your subscribers to your website or app for additional content, merchandise sales, and exclusive offers.

You can even consider creating a membership program on your website or app where your audience can pay a monthly fee to access exclusive content and perks.

Creating a website or app might seem intimidating, but there are plenty of user-friendly platforms and tools available to get you started.

If you have enough of a budget, you can even hire a third-party service provider to custom design your website and help you manage it. The best website for YouTube monetize is Views4You which help you reach success immediately.

Having an app, on the other hand, can help your young audience easily find your content on various devices.

Additionally, having your own app can also give you the opportunity to send push notifications to your subscribers and alert them to new videos or merchandise releases.

Sell Kid-Friendly Merchandise on YouTube or Your Website

Brand-specific merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, stickers, and toys are an ideal way to monetize your kids’ channel and build a relationship with your audience.

By selling branded merchandise that is related to your content, such as plushies of the characters in your videos, clothing, or coloring books, you can increase your income. You can even create podcast-like audio fairytale books that both kids and parents can enjoy.

Just make sure that your merchandise is age appropriate and aligned with your YouTube channel’s values.

For example, if your channel focuses on health content for toddlers, you may want to create merchandise such as workout equipment for toddlers that is fun and safe.

You can also create digital products such as e-books or digital coloring pages. These can be sold on e-commerce platforms or on your own channel and website. Additionally, you can use custom merchandise to run giveaways or contests to engage with your followers.

Collaborate with Sponsors for Your YouTube Videos

Finding sponsors for your kid-friendly YouTube channel and videos can be a great way of making money while providing value to your audience. But it’s a must to choose your sponsors carefully and make sure their values align with yours.

Additionally, you need to make it clear to your viewers that your content is sponsored.

For instance, consider the Moonbug Kids Learning Corner on YouTube, a channel for children. They have a separate playlist where they display videos sponsored by Pampers. By doing that, they state that the video is sponsored and is not one of their individual videos.

You can also create a video or a live streaming event to introduce sponsored content to children and their parents.

Utilize Affiliate Marketing for Kids’ Channels

Another way of making money on YouTube from content for children is becoming an affiliate for products or services that are related to your channel’s videos. You can include affiliate links in the description of your videos, or even create videos specifically about the products or services you are promoting.

For instance, if your “Made for Kids” channel focuses on toy reviews, you can include affiliate links to products underneath your video, highlighting where parents can purchase them.

It’s imperative, however, to make sure that you are promoting products or services that are relevant and of good quality, to maintain the trust of your viewers.

Do Live Streams on Your YouTube Channel

If you’re part of the YouTube partner program, you’re probably familiar with features such as super chat and super stickers that you can enable during live streaming. These features allow your viewers to pay and send messages or stickers during the live stream.

Additionally, live streaming videos also play a key role in ad revenue. However, as YouTube’s made it clear that videos made for kids will not have personalized ads, you cannot utilize these features for your content and multiply your earnings with YouTube kids.

Instead, you can use live steaming videos to interact with your audience. You can also answer their questions, provide a teaser for upcoming content, or provide a link to your website or an affiliate product. This way you can drive traffic to your website or other platforms.

Live streaming videos are also a convenient way to build relationships with your subscribers and gain insights into their interests and preferences. You can use this information to create a video that appeals to them and keeps them engaged.

While, as an adult, these methods are useful for your YouTube video business no matter how old viewers of your channel are, you might wonder if it’s possible for a young video creator to earn money on YouTube.

Can You Make Money on YouTube as a Kid?

The answer is both no and yes. The only way for kids to make money on YouTube is through a legal guardian or parent creating and managing their YouTube channel. As kids cannot own an AdSense account and join the YouTube partner program, they can’t directly make money from ad revenue or other monetization features.

YouTube enforced this important rule to protect kids from potential exploitation and ensure that they prioritize their education and well-being over generating income on the platform.

Final Thoughts

YouTube offers a lot of opportunities for video creators to make money and build a community around their content. However, the platform also prioritizes the user experience, especially on YouTube channels made for kids.

While due to  restrictions, it might seem you can generate less money, it’s still possible to earn a substantial income by focusing on the right methods. So, keep creating compelling content, engaging with your viewers, and utilizing the right strategies to boost your revenue.



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