4 Tips to installing Surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras

 With the advancement of technology over the years, it is now easier than ever before to install surveillance cameras on your property. With a few tips, you will be able to choose the right options including a button camera, or any other type of wearable spy camera that are hard to detect unless you are looking for it. Though a professional security team can do the job accurately, in some cases, the IT team may also do the task.

 Here are 4 Tips for installing Surveillance cameras:

    Camera location

 You should place the camera in a relatively hidden place, but where it covers a larger area without overlapping. The reason for installing surveillance cameras should also guide you on where to put it. If it’s for security reasons, or if you want to monitor employee and client’s activities on your premises, you should base your decision on such aspects. It’s also good to consider the camera environment so that it does not suffer damage from environmental factors including; rain, heat, or windy conditions. Make sure that for exits and entry activities monitoring, the cameras should function in the dark.

    Camera type

 Conventional cameras have a fixed location, and they capture footage better but with advanced technology, there are wearable spy cameras too. They can be in the form of sunglasses, wearable items such as a keychain, or it could be attached to a shirt button or even a spy pen. If you need to record without being noticed, or during an event, wearable cameras are the best option. You will not cause any interruptions and depending on your positioning, you can capture all the highlights of the event. But you should choose a good wearable camera of high quality so that you can get a clear image.

   Set-up and system features

 Before installing a surveillance camera, it is good to check on the system features and set-up. You will be able to identify the best system if you opt for systems with special keyboards, joysticks, or touch screen controls. Most people would prefer to monitor surveillance off-site. It is a good idea since you can monitor through an app or using the IP address but, remember such surveillance option has the potential of being hacked. Before installing surveillance cameras, ensure that you review the available options, and opt for the most applicable one depending on your needs.

   Privacy and legal restrictions

 There are laws governing privacy, so when installing cameras, you should bear that in mind. You may not install a surveillance camera in restrooms, and also putting cameras towards areas where employees take a break, or even a camera facing your neighbors’ residence or an adjacent business may not be advisable. Different states have laws governing audio and video recordings, so it’s important to review such laws to avoid legal issues. Some laws also state that for business calls, or public places, there should be signage and visable communication advising the public that there are surveillance cameras in operation.

 Attention to detail and conducting proper research is important to take into consideration when choosing the ideal surveillance systems for your needs. You may also require professional advice since the experts have the resources and experience in the field that you may not have.


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