5 Things to know about the dental ozone

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The ozone is a pale blue gas that occurs naturally in the earth’s stratosphere. It consists of three oxygen atoms. In dentistry, ozone therapy is used as a disinfectant that effectively kills bacteria and lowers inflammation. Dental ozone drastically reduces the acceleration of tooth decay among patients. It also helps prevent tooth decay among individuals with healthy dentitions.

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Here are the 5 things you need to know about dental ozone:


  • Ozone dental therapy treats common mouth ailments and tooth cavities


Ozone is an effective oxidizer that is commonly used to kill bacteria, fungi, viruses and other disease-causing pathogens. Healthy human cells contain antioxidant enzymes like glutathione peroxidase and catalase in their membranes. However, pathogens lack sufficient antioxidant enzymes within their cells, making them extremely vulnerable to oxidizers such as ozone. Predictably, ozone is highly effective in eliminating bacteria, slowing down cavity development and strengthening teeth.


  • Dental ozone is safe


According to one clinical review published by the National Institutes of Health, ozone therapy is safe and its effects are consistent. Dental ozone has been around for years – it certainly isn’t a new procedure. However, different doctors use varying ozone therapy procedures, so it’s crucial to visit a licensed dentist with ample experience in ozone treatment. Although it’s a natural alternative to conventional dental procedures, dental ozone can have some mild side effects among individuals with respiratory issues.


  • Ozone therapy is painless


Most conventional dental procedures are characterized by pain and discomfort. However, dental ozone is a painless, minimally invasive therapy. Ozone gas is normally injected directly onto the affected area using a special ozone machine, killing bacteria and sterilizing the troubled teeth/gum tissue. Apart from eliminating harmful bacteria, ozone gas also reduces tooth sensitivity. Patients who opt for this therapy will enjoy a quick, pain-free session.


  • It is ideal for individuals with gum sensitivity


Gum sensitivity occurs due to inflammation brought about by bacterial accumulation. This condition causes your gums to develop sores, swell up and bleed. Sensitive gums can be excruciatingly painful when you’re flossing and brushing teeth – it can even cause poor oral hygiene among patients. Delightfully, dental ozone can effectively reverse the damage caused by gum sensitivity. Ozone therapy not only kills bacteria residing in your mouth but also reduces the inflammation responsible for your gum sensitivity.


  • It may have some side effects


Despite the remarkable benefits provided by dental ozone therapy, it may have varying side effects when used in very high doses. Severe exposure to ozone gas can cause respiratory problems. Some individuals may also experience temporary flu-like symptoms, a condition popularly referred to as Herxheimer reaction. Gladly, the benefits of ozone therapy far outweigh the side effects. Ozone therapy allows your teeth to heal themselves naturally. It is a safe and effective dental treatment option that helps to treat periodontal infections and onset tooth decay.

Dental ozone therapy has remarkable benefits that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.


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