5 Great Things That Australian Tech Has Given the US


Technology revolutionized life as we know it. It has simplified how we operate and interact with each other and nature. The tech world is vast and dynamic, often characterized by a point of origin before diffusing to other parts.

This article will lock in on two countries, Australia and US, and see how technology from the former impacts the latter. Read on to discover the technologies that Australia has provided the States. 

Wi-Fi Technology

Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) is one of the best inventions to grace humanity. Since its invention, Wi-Fi has revolutionized technology and made communication seamless. Invented by a team of scientists led by an Australian engineer called Dr. John O’Sullivan, this piece of technology was created in the 1990s.

Wi-Fi switched up the communication field by enabling users access to the internet, which has proven to be an integral piece of the puzzle in evolving society. The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) should receive credit for founding this innovation, supporting numerous industries, such as finance, education, and gaming. 

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In the United States (US), Wi-Fi has been broadly commercialized, and its popularity has encouraged people to rely heavily on it for several functions. These include running business processes, spreading information, increasing mobility, and social interaction by connecting millions of devices worldwide.

Medical Breakthroughs

Medicine is one industry where the high stakes prompt constant evolution in technology. Innovative medical devices help reduce the time taken to tend to patients, reducing fatalities in sickness or tragedies.

Australian pioneer companies like ResMed have improved patients’ quality in the US and globally by specializing in sleep apnea and respiratory care devices. Now while sleep may seem like a minor issue, you may be shocked to discover that 70 million people are estimated to suffer from sleep disorders.

This statistic enhances the need for more technological advancements to improve the overall quality of life. The abovementioned industry designs innovative devices like continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) to treat these disorders. Global markets, including the United States, are readily consuming such gadgets. 

Quantum Computing Research

Quantum technologies revolve around studying subatomic elements and how they interact with quantum mechanics in the larger picture. It is relatively complex, and it is very commendable that Australia has made significant progress in the field.

Various Australian institutions have furthered science in more than one way. Industries like Silicon Quantum Computing (SQC), whose headquarters are in Australia,  develop high-end gadgets like silicon nanoelectronic technology that provide more insights into the field. 

The States would like to participate in this revolution and have increased collaborations with Australian developers. After all, the future of quantum computing is blinding, bearing the potential to optimize industries like health and cytography. 

Canva Design Platform

Digital skills have become an essential aspect of modern society thanks to the technological footprint in our activities. Numerous applications can help facilitate this, like Adobe creative cloud, Figma, and Canva.

Canva is of Australian descent and has gained popularity over the last decade. Launched in 2012 by Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht, and Cameron Adams, Canva provides an easy-to-use interface and numerous design tools for businesses and individuals.

Since its debut in the designing space, the software has experienced enormous growth and is currently in big league brands such as Adobe Premier Pro. In the US, this app is widely used to enhance the creation of quality designs online. 

The most outstanding benefit of Canva is that you can navigate the application and develop an excellent design without having the professional designing skill set required. It supports a variety of industries like content creation, social media marketing, and branding in the States and globally on a larger scale. 

Project Management Software

Project management software is employed to ease the administrative work of any organization or undertaking. There is a variety of software that provides this service, like Jira.

In Australia, Atlassian, a software company, manufactures and designs these inventions that facilitate collaboration and promote efficient project management. Some of the software include Confluence and Trello, revolutionizing project management and making it easier and more efficient. 

These tools are indispensable in most State based organizations due to the need to be organized. However, these apps have a global impact on most projects, promoting teamwork.


Technology is continually improving to become better and enhance the general quality of life. We have also seen that technological advancements can start from anywhere and diffuse.

However, focusing on Australia and the United States, you can deduce how integral the former is in pioneering a positive change globally and in the States. We are, however, not insinuating that the US is lagging technologically. They just didn’t pioneer a lot of inventions, such as Wi-Fi.


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