5 Hacks To Weight Loss Fast

Weight Loss

We’ve all been there.  You wake up one day and the pants are a little too tight, your favorite shirt doesn’t fall perfectly like it used to or the bra that used to fit just right, somehow ‘shrunk in the wash’.   It often feels as though weight gain happens overnight, but it feels like forever before you can work off those extra pounds.  With the support of BodyFx, once you get over the shock and denial of it all and it’s time to get serious about shredding those extra pounds, weight loss doesn’t have to be a huge struggle or an insurmountable task.  Working in a few small changes to your otherwise standard routine can help you lose weight the ‘easy’ way.  Here are 10 ‘no-sweat’ ways to drop away some pounds while picking up a few good habits.

Portion Control

Limiting your portions is probably the easiest and simplest way to drop a few pounds.  It does take some will power, but the only actual requirement is to stop eating 8-10 bites before you usually do.  One way you can make this easier for yourself is to use smaller bowls and plates.  Make it a point to fill the smaller plate and then before eating, wrap up all the leftovers and immediately put them in the refrigerator.  Also, the slower you eat, the less you’ll miss those extra forkfuls.

Weigh Yourself Every Day  

The fabulous Betty White once said that one of the ways she maintains her shape is by weighing herself every single morning.  She said that whenever she sees that number go up, even by one pound, she makes it a point to watch what she eats that day.  It seems to be a very common sense way to make sure any potential weight gain doesn’t get out of control.

Meal Prep

This is a good tip for those who love to be organized.  When it comes to those days where you have to make a last minute choice between the pizza or the salad, meal prep is a great way to take that pressure off.  You can plan out the whole week by working on a six-day prep list on your day off or take a few minutes every night to decide on a daily basis. Knowing ahead of time what your calorie intake will be can help keep you on track and through that little investment of time, you’ll ultimately get that time back in the long run.

Stop Eating Out

Going out to eat is convenient, comforting and yummy; three very wonderful things everyone loves.  However, restaurant chefs use a lot of salt, butter, heavy cream, fat and usually offer portions 2-3 times the size of what an average adult should be consuming.  In addition to all of that, it’s very tempting to have soda or alcohol while dining out. All of these things will and do result in weight gain.  The best way to avoid temptation is to avoid eating out.  By cooking for yourself at home, you control your salt intake, your fat intake and so many temptations are kept at bay.  Added side benefit?  Your wallet will also thank you.

Drink a Glass of Water Before Every Meal

This one is probably the simplest of all.  By drinking a full glass of

water before every meal, you are helping yourself maintain tip # 1,

Portion Control. Obviously if your stomach is full of water, you’ll be

less inclined to overeat.  Added side benefit?  Water is a fantastic

way for your body to flush out toxins.  Everyone should be drinking

eight 8 ounce glasses of water daily, so if you time them around your

meals, you can have the benefits of the water itself, plus the added

benefit of weight loss.


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