5 Ways To Increase Your Productivity At Work

Productivity At Work

I’m sure most of you have noticed this thing, where you can’t get your work done because your table or working space is messy. It’s not like you are not able to complete your tasks at all, but, you are not being that productive. Now, this productivity doesn’t affect your work at the moment, but it will, eventually.

After analyzing many aspects that can affect your working productivity, I came up with some of the solutions, which are given below:

Cleaning up the working space

Even if it’s not for the work, you should keep your desk or your working space clean. It’s about getting rid of negative vibes and energy that a messy desk creates around you.

It’s actually a universal rule. Let’s say you went for dinner with your fiancé in a restaurant where there’s no management or cleaning, your first impression would be bad and you’ll get a cringy vibe from it. Just like this, your messy workspace will give a lazy impression of you in front of your colleagues.

So, in order to be more productive, clean up your desk more often.

Stay focused

Staying focused on your work is actually a very hard job to do, because, one thing that any person can hardly resist is “office gossips”. Although I’m not generalizing this for every person, some people are introvert in nature, who doesn’t like to be the part of gossiping, but, the distractions are still there.

One of the main distractions can be your mobile phone. Let’s just admit this fact now that it’s an addiction and almost everyone is addicted to it, one way or the other.

In order to reduce this factor, try ‘muting the notifications’. Except for making or receiving any emergency or very important calls, don’t use your cell phone. Turn off your data/Wifi, so that the urge of checking your notifications, again and again, is minimized to some extent.

Don’t sit for too long

You won’t be able to perform your tasks at all if you’re not physically healthy. As the latest studies have shown, that constantly sitting for a very time can be very harmful to your health. As human beings, don’t come with a built-in sedentary reminder due to which you have to do it on your own. Let’s say, if you work for 8 hours constantly, try having a break of a minimum 5 minutes after every two hours, where your body should be in a standing position, completely. This will eventually help you in the longer perspective.

Use adjustable screens or tablet stands

If you work on a computer or a laptop, then make sure they are rotatable, as you have to work constantly on it so you can to be able to adjust it, if you’re getting tired or want to get a bit of relaxation while working.

Due to the latest advancement, people are making their life easier by having more compact and handy working material. One of its main examples can be tablets or iPads.

They are easy to use, reduces your workspace and very manageable. In order to make them more efficient, you can use stands for tablets due to which they become adjustable to any degree, which eventually relieves the tension from your neck.

There is a variety of tablet stands available in the market from which you can pick according to your liking and preferences.

Keep track of your work

Most of the times you are burdened with a lot of work that happens to be indifferent domains or directions. In order to keep a record of your work that has been done or the work you have to get done, I’d suggest keeping a small notebook for this regard, but then again, it adds up the more work.

Here’s a scenario, let’s say you have to get 5 different types of work in a day, for that, make a list of those works and put it in a spreadsheet or sticky notes. This will help you in getting your work done more efficiently, and most importantly, you’d have a record of it, if by any chance something gets skipped or misplaced.

I’m sure these methods will help you get your work done more efficiently and it will eventually increase your work productivity.


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