5 Ways to Promote Your Business with Physical Products

Physical Products

You know how competitive the business world is. You really need to stand out from the competition in order to make sales. While digital marketing is important, remember one of the ways you can make a visible impact is through physical products. If you need any of these physical products made check out personalizedbykate.com  

Even if your company is small, you can brand items that have your logo or business ideals on it. You can either use print on demand services or you can look for ‘custom embroidery Sydney’, and you’ll find someone who can help you transform clothing or other fabric items.

Using these methods you can put your ideas or logos on just about anything these days. From mugs to t-shirts to bags, the ideas are almost limitless. A lot of clothing or bags can be embroidered, which is trendy right now. And then you have quality items to have your team wear or to give to your customer base. 

Which of these ideas will work for your marketing campaign for Physical Products?

Effective Marketing Items for 2022- Physical Products

T-shirts, Hoodies and Sweatshirts- Physical Products

T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts are an ever-growing trend. You can either sell them with your logo on to customers, or you can create these items for your staff. Machines that create embroidery patterns have advanced a lot in the past decade, and embroidery options are creating a buzz socially. 

Embroidery has the potential to lift the aesthetics of any uniform to a more professional level. For this and print work, just remember the following:

  • Your design has to be simple
  • Use as few colours as possible
  • A complex pattern will be difficult to create neatly
  • Make sure the factory has your colours in stock
  • If you want something printed, make sure it is the highest quality print
  • Ask about ecofriendly inks
  • Make sure the vendor uses the correct style of printing for your fabric
  • Incorporating unique and branded merchandise, such as custom running socks from Custom Sock Lab, can add a personal touch to your promotional efforts, fostering a sense of connection with your audience.

Coffee Mugs or Travel Mugs

Mugs are welcome for office and home, so they’re gifts that are never refused. They’re practical, useful and colourful, and can be something that is treasured. This is particularly true if they have pertinent quotes on them—motivational or funny. 

They can be given to customers as a gift along with an order, or to staff to show off in their homes. Anyone with one of your mugs becomes an instant ambassador. 

Coffee mugs or travel mugs can be excellent promotional products to showcase your business. Consider checking out Swag Bar for inspiration and valuable insights, and explore more ideas to find the perfect mugs for your promotional efforts.

Carry Bags or Duffle Bags

Promoting your brand by using carry bags or duffle bags is more visible than using mugs. It’s something that’s out in public, and you can convey your message well thanks to a larger surface to use for your design.

Make sure people know what kind of company the design represents. Many will switch attention elsewhere if they only see the name of your company and nothing else. However, if they see your name and what you sell, they’re much more likely to remember you 4inlanyards


Pens with your brand and message on will be used often and also be more public than mugs. A basic pen isn’t a glamorous gift, but everyone uses them. So, at least you can get your logo and company seen by a large number of people. 

Caps and Hats

One of the more effective products for marketing is that of caps or hats. They’re more likely to be in the public eye—not only at sports events, but even in the street. Simply make sure you pick a trendy type of cap and your staff or other recipients may wear them often when out and about, giving you lots of exposure. 

Assess the Impact of Your Physical Product Branding

Once you’ve decided on your products and had them printed and distributed, don’t stop there. You still have to assess the impact on both customer and potential customer who happens to see your information on the product.

One method is to ask every new customer where he or she heard of you. This can tell you whether the branding campaign you picked actually works. 

Of course, if you suddenly get a rush of new customers after your items have been given out, you can make an educated guess about what brought them to your door. But use questionnaires as well, so you have data to refer back to when assessing how you spent your marketing budget. 

If your staff members are wearing your brand in public, they might get asked questions regarding their attire. Ask your staff to give you feedback about this AND give them training on how to be brand ambassadors and how to gain more leads. 

Once you have evaluated the impact, ask your staff and customers how they perceive the items. The look and feel of the item, as well as its quality and accessibility need to be measured. Improve where necessary and roll out the next range of branded items. 


Analysis must form part of all marketing plans. Pick out the marketing items you think will resonate with your target audience but always confirm that you’re achieving your goals. Otherwise, it’s money on the water. 

Share some of your tips so others can learn from your past experience too!


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