6 Underrated Benefits of Collagen That You Should Know

Benefits of Collagen

Collagen is a protein that naturally exists in our bodies. It’s abundant in our nails, skin, hair, and the cartilage in our joints. It’s an essential building block in our body and its many parts and components, and as a compound, it serves many functions. Let’s see the underrated benefits of collagen that you should know.

It’s not just a buzzword invented by the skincare industry to sell more products and supplements to you. It has some very important functions in ensuring your health and well-being, including some highly underrated benefits such as the following:

1. It helps strengthen your bones and joints

You’d be surprised at how effective collagen is for strengthening your bones and joints. This is largely because collagen gives our bones structure as fibrous proteins. Taking collagen protein and upping your dietary intake and absorption of this very necessary protein can help prevent or delay bone thinning and loss, especially due to conditions like osteoporosis. It’s an incredibly important agent in keeping you healthy and pairs exceptionally well with another vital nutrient: calcium.

Strong bones are right around the corner with regular collagen consumption and use. It’s a vital nutrient, and you shouldn’t sleep on its incredible, far-reaching benefits and advantages. 

As for your joints and tendons, they also use collagen to make articular cartilage which helps your joints move. In short, collagen reduces bone-harming proteins from the blood and increases your bone mineral density for better health and well-being.

2. Keeps your skin hydrated and elastic 

Collagen is often associated with skin because it’s a major protein found in it. You’ll hear about collagen-infused skincare products, collagen makeup, and so much more, but what’s important to understand is that your skin needs to be beautiful from the inside.

Till you include more collagen in your diet, you’re unlikely to see the kind of results you’re hoping for. It helps keep your skin hydrated and healthy, trapping moisture by building a stronger moisture barrier. Your skin will be less likely to get dry and lose moisture when it’s rich with collagen and prevent or reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in the process. It’s also important in increasing skin elasticity, removing roughness, and density according to a study testing the effectiveness of another collagen supplement.

It’s not hype or a marketing gimmick—there is plenty of scientific and anecdotal evidence in favor of collagen consumption, both via food and supplements. After all, who wouldn’t want skin that looks fresh, plump, hydrated, and adapts to changes in climate, your body, continues to stay healthy? 

3. Shinier, thicker, more lustrous hair 

You also get shinier, healthier, thicker, and incredibly lustrous hair with regular collagen intake. Collagen and keratin are the primary proteins found in our hair and nails, and both are touted as popular haircare treatments too. 

Collagen has been proved to help you get healthy, luscious hair in several ways, including by building amino acids that build keratin, fighting and reversing damage from heat and chemical exposure as well as environmental factors, and preventing hair thinning and loss. These benefits of collagen in your hair care routine are too good to miss out on! 

You can easily get all these benefits and more by taking more collagen supplements and eating collagen-rich foods that will boost better health and wellness. These foods include different types of bone broth, fruits, veggies, and of course, chicken, fish, and even eggs that boost collagen production.

As you continue using collagen-rich foods and taking supplements like collagen peptides, you’ll see your hair get stronger, thicker, and less prone to breakage and damage.

4. Greater muscle mass and strength

Collagen is also excellent for boosting lean muscle mass and hence increasing your overall strength levels. That’s largely because it helps to boost creatine, which builds muscle fibers through amino acids. 

By ingesting collagen, you boost your body’s protein intake and synthesis, which leads to better absorption and stronger, denser muscle mass. Since it works as a building block and is found in many connective tissues, your muscles benefit from collagen increase since it also helps them function. 

A study showed the promising results of collagen on altering body composition and structure for men, showing us how beneficial it is for anybody looking to get stronger, develop lean muscle mass, and get in shape.

5. Weight loss and maintenance 

This brings us to another point. Collagen is linked to weight loss and maintenance too. Since collagen is broken down into amino acids, and foods rich in collagen also end up increasing protein intake, you’re less likely to reach for extra helpings and indulge in overeating.

Functionally, collagen may also reduce fat deposits from forming within the body, giving you an additional weight loss effect. Losing weight by having a supplement that makes you glow from the inside out? Sign me up! 

6. It might keep your tummy happy

Collagen also helps improve digestion and overall gut function. You’d be surprised at how many benefits a simple compound can offer you, and better gut health is one of its several surprising effects. There’s still room for more in-depth research on the exact effects of collagen on stomach and gut health, but a few studies and hypotheses have shown promise for better digestion and managing conditions like leaky gut syndrome.

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