A Dazzling Moment For Cena Fans, John Cena to Lead Fast and Furious 9!

fast and furious 9

The Fast and The Furious, an Action Film Series has been thrilling-up the film world for 19 years and now it brings some thrilling changes for the fans!

Till now, 8 parts of the series have rumbled the film world with endless action followed by a number of illegal street racings which either leads the characters to death or life.

Fast and Furious family owns countless fans and now we have some blasting news for all of the furious fans!

In the upcoming years, 2020 and onwards, 4 new parts of The Fast and Furious Series are set to be released. It is evident that another part of the series may under the title of Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw will release on 2 August 2019. The 9th installment of the series will hit the film world on May 22, 2020. The 10th part and the next sequel is also set to release in 2021. Whereas, another Fast and Furious Film centering the focus on female leads soon will be out to release.

Now, it is the moment to break the most awaited news that John Cena, WWE Star is starring The Fast and Furious 9.

It is no doubt, great and mesmerizing news for both, the Fast and Furious fans and Cena fans. It might Upset the fans as well because it has been heard that the center of fame, the most demanding character of Fast and Furious Series, “Rock” will not be a part of Fast and Furious 9, anymore.

At the same time, it comes to an exciting point for the fans because it is yet to confirm what role John Cena will play in the film. Is he going to play the role of Rock or there is something else concealed for the fans which will soon be revealed with the release of the next installment of Series in the upcoming year, 2020.


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