Angelina Jolie Upcoming Movies 2019 List, News, Trailer and Release Date

Complete details about Angelina Jolie upcoming new movies for the next year along with director star-cast and releasing date.

angelina jolie upcoming movies
Angelina Jolie Upcoming Movies 2019

Angelina Jolie is a beautiful and alluring actress of the Hollywood industry who is a famous celebrity all over the world. Angelina is the most expensive and high profile super actress of the cinema screen. She owns many awards and nomination in several award shows. Her most well-known and admiring achievements are Two Screen Actors Guild Award, Academy Award, and the Golden Globe Award.

She is known as the highly paid actress of the Hollywood. Therefore, Angelina starts her acting career from her early age. She was born in California on 4 December 1975.

However, she starts acting along with her father John Voight “Lookin’ to Get Out” in 1982.

Well, the most important role of her leading career is “hackers” in 1995. She gets fame with her movie “George Wallace” in 1997 and “Gia” in the next year 1998. Then she also won Academy Award for her these hit in 1999.

Although, she was married thrice but got separated due to several reasons for numerous problems. Now, she states that she finds the final person to whom she is waiting for. She explains her husband number 4 will be her final choice. So, she will marry to a Britain Philanthropist. Therefore, she will marry her final choice in London with her six children.

She shows her acting talent in many films. She has her unique recognition in the industry. Everyone wants to know about her about her favorite actress upcoming movies.

Here is the complete list of her upcoming New movies in the years ahead.


She is filming a new role in her upcoming movie “Cleopatra”. She is playing the role of a queen in this movie. The whole movie revolves around the life story of Cleopatra.

It is the remake of the historical movie of Cleopatra 1963. The film has a final budget of $44 million.



Release Date:

The Kept

It is another upcoming release of the Angelina Jolie. The story of the movie is base on the novel “The Kept”. The movie is about a lady who came back to her isolated home to know the murder of her family.

Someone kills her four kids and the husband. She is harmed by a shoot but survives with her son after hiding behind some pantry. The woman is then searching the murderer of her responsibilities. And she has so many troubles and thrill on her journey.



Release Date:

Shoot Like a Girl

Angelina Jolie is famous for role performance and acting in all roles. In this movie, she is expecting to be a star like a drama of Afghanistan name as “Shoot Like A Girl”.

In this movie, her costar Mary Jennings Hegar serves the men and women in the time of trouble during the war. She also performs the character of the rescue service and put her best in the role to be the best star of the movie.



Release Date:

Come Away

This movie “Come Away” includes the actress and her costar David Oyelowo are the parents of the two children. The children are trying to get away from their imaginations. The Angelina performs totally a transformed role.

And she did her best to set the movie rank first after the release. The film is expected to be like “Alice In the Wonderland”.



Release Date:

Maleficent 2

The “Maleficent 2” is set as an upcoming American movie of the famous actress Angelina in 2020. The movie portrays the image of sleeping beauty with the main origin of the story. It is expecting that it will be the best box office release with a budget of $758 million.

However, Disney finds the movie is much best and outstanding one than the Beauty And The Beast and The Jungle Book.

Director: Joachim Ronning

Cast: Juno Temple, Angelina Jolie, and Elle Fanning

Release Date: 29th July 2020

The One and Only Ivan

The movie is one the upcoming movies of a very high profile actress Angelina Jolie. In this movie, the Angelina is voicing the character of an animal. And that animal is an elephant. The movie explains the life of a Gorilla name as “Ivan” in the film. The Ivan is living in a coop up cage along with an old fellow “Stella” and “Bob” a dog.

They are living there collectively and there is no background story of their living collectively in this cage. Well, “Mack” who is a collective owner of the Top Mall. Then a neglected Elephant “Ruby” starts living with Stella. Ivan starts taking care of Stella for being more possessive about a baby elephant. Then they start getting the entire thing around the Top Mall to assist them.

Director: Thea Sharrock


Release Date:

Besides her upcoming new Movies, Angelina also performs different roles in different movies according to the nature of the roles. She has many awards in the past for having such nice movies. Her much familiarity and excellent skills are the reason behind her success.

Angelina Jolie Movies List By Year

Here is the complete list of the past movies of Angelina Jolie. As she became a popular and well-known celebrity with her previous and number 1 hits. Followings are the list and details of her movies.

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Although, above mentions detail containing all information about the upcoming new movies of the Angelina.

Therefore, we are proving the latest news about her upcoming new movie updates.

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