‘Animal Kingdom’ Renewed for Season 5: Ellen Barkin May Be Gone!

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Returning In 2020: Ellen Barkin Might Exit!

Animal Kingdom Season 4

This show is a crime, thriller, dark, suspenseful, and smart. They’ve based this show off of an Aussie movie with the same title. The things that replicate the series and the movie are the names of the characters, family dynamic. And who is who basically? The writers and production team of this series started with a great foundation using the movie to set the pace for this series.

However, the series wraps up another season with Cody’s family members. And it will come back with some good. Because it is heard that the series is returning back again with its fifth installment. The previous season has 13 episodes and the finale episode was released on 20th August 2019 which was the 10th episode. Therefore, fans are expecting more episodes of the series.

And all the viewers are anxious to know what will happen next in the series. Therefore, everyone is seeking out the next season of the “Animal Kingdom”. There is no doubt that the show is of the best and top-rated shows. Therefore, now it will come back with all its loving cast including Cody family members.

However, “Animal Kingdom Season 5” released its trailer to satisfy the fans to show the final upcoming of the fifth season.

Here you can view the released trailer for Animal Kingdom Season 5. Moreover, the show will stream out on TNT.

However, it is also heard that Ellen Barkin may leave the show for the fifth season. And you will find amazing cast of the show as below:

  • Finn Cole
  • Ellen Barkin
  • Shawn Hatosy
  • Ben Robson
  • Jake Weary
  • Sohi Rodriguez


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