Annabelle Season 3, Release Date, Trailer, And Star Cast!

ANNABELLE 3 Official Trailer (2019) ANNABELLE COMES HOME, Horror Movie

Annabelle Season 3

Annabelle is returning back for its season 3. Earlier seasons are good but not all great. Some people like it more but some have a few questions in their mind regarding this horror movie. This upcoming Annabelle 3 of Gary Dauberman comes with some extra thrill and scariness.

In the story, a doll is locked in some artifact wardrobe. And all the evil spirits will wake up when doll awakes. Then it became a night horror for family and friends. Annabelle 3 Star Cast will include Madison Iseman, Mckenna Grace, Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, Katie Sarife, and Stephen Blackehart.

The origin story should add some backstory on the demon and what it is? Unlike exorcist, they didn’t get as much detail on the demon. But it is good with jump scares and had the required dark tone. It felt more like the haunting series by Discovery.

This movie relies on simple things like opening or closing doors and other electric objects and enhanced sound effects to keep the audience worried. But it got normal jump scares in last seasons. Although as people said they like it more than the other movies in this genre.

Because most of them add a lot of visual effects but in the end those effects make them feel like action fantasy movies. The Annabelle 3 release date is 27th June 2019.

If you want to watch this movie make sure you do it on a big screen with good speakers to enjoy all the sound effects which work pretty awesome in this movie. It is just a natural power film and having a beautiful script and outstanding imagination. It was less scary than the conjuring and Annabelle creation. There is a plus point that the expressions of Annabelle kept changing.

The Official Trailer of Annabelle 3 was released on 1st April. It will make a picture of horror scenes for you to make an estimation of the film. Have a look below:

Fans hope for the upcoming season will have a good story and the climax may be great.


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