Attack on Titan Episode 51 “Thunder Spears” Spoilers: Fight is full on

attack on titan

Attack on Titan episode 50 offered an excellent start to a new arc of this world famous Manga series. At this point, many questions related to human characters have been answered. The last episode was all about storylines explanation, but Attack on Titan Episode 51 will bring the most anticipated fight between human and Titans.

Fans of this animated series also like to know how humans are transforming into Titans. Why Eren can turn into a Titan ? and he is not the only human who has the same capability. The survey corps know very well at this point that many other humans can turn into Titan form and they don’t know about all of those humans who can change.

Attack on Tita Episode 51 is titled as “Thunder Spears.” The title clearly shows that there will be a fight between human and Titans. Fans always like to know how human will beat the Titan. Eren will have to battle against Armoured Titan.

On the other hands, Survey corps have a set goal of sealing the wall and keeping the Titans out the else human race will be in danger.

In the upcoming episode, we expect to know more about Titan and their existence. How they are formed and how human can transform into Titan form. Eren has yet to deal with his own Titan form where he feels that he has less control.

Attack on Titan Episode 51 will go on air on 5 May. You can watch it on Funimation.


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