Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2: Spoilers of Leaked Titles

attack on titan

Attack on Titan Season 3 and part 2 is all about the fight between humans and Titans. We saw many scenes where the Titans got slain. Well, here we have some news about the upcoming titles. Let’s start here

the second part of this anime series follows the fight of humans and titans. The wall of human destruction in the first episode. There are many truth, secrets about humans and titans. However, humans try to rebuild the damaged walls, but Titans don’t want that human survived. So in the new second part, we’ll see how human try to escape.

Here is the news about the episode titles. The fourth episode has disclosed that called perfect Game. Moreover, the five and six titles are called Hero and Midnight Sun, respectively.

Here is the most important spoiler about the title is that the finale is called The Basement. Sounds good? Yes, this title is most striking and we can guess Eren’s basement has many titans secrets.

Here are official spoilers of the second part of Attack on Titan season 3. we’ll see in the starting, Eren, Armin is fighting with government officials and take on titans. However, Eren deals better with his transformations Titan. Now fans know the secrets of the Titan life, and Eren can control his titan power now. There will be bigger giants in part 2 such as Colossal titan, Intelligent Titan, and Beast Titan.

As you know Attack on Titan is a popular anime series that always surprise to their fans. It has a lot of secrets twists for their passionate fans. The series has revealed some title, so we expect they will appear some secrets soon.


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