Avatar 2: Is It Still Going To Be The First Glasses-Free 3D Movie? Updates!

Avatar 2 will hit the cinemas in December 2020!

Avatar 2

Avatar of James Cameron is a famous show in all over the world. No one can wait for more to postpone the Avatar 2 more. This show will grasp the attention of all people whatever they are living anywhere. Avatar fans are available in each and every corner of the region.

As Avatar 1 has been finished its episodes and the story. Since then fans are waiting for the next one as Avatar 2. Although the series has been airing two more sequels after the success of Avatar. But fans are predicting more installment for James Cameron’s Avatar 2.

Whereas Avatar 2 is still at the development stage and its production is not completed yet. Season 2 has postponed again and again due to many reasons. This will enhance the fans patience more and they are getting bothered after hearing the late release of Avatar 2.

Here have look at Avatar 1 released previously:

The first two seasons for Avatar was airing in 2010. And at that time another sequel was announced in 2014. But the requirement of innovative technology cause for the delay. Moreover, the release of the further two movies busies James for other activities. And he did not find time to make this sequel. As it requires full concentration and availability of all advanced technology.

First Glasses-Free 3D Movie

This is still the first movie that is filming by using more advanced technology. This is considering the first film in the Hollywood cinema industry that uses stereoscopic filmmaking. At the time of its release in 2009. The film was broke many records at the box office.

And this will be one of the highest ranked movies that generate maximum revenue as a box office hit. However, no one film does not break the record of Avatar till now.

Well, in future James Cameron has discussed many times for making this as Glasses-Free 3D Movie. Although due to the lake of some requirements the film has been delayed. But James will make it possible in future for the production. According to him, there are quite some possibilities that the film could feature that way. And if it will so then this may be the First Glasses-Free 3D movie in the Hollywood cinema history.

Avatar 2: Cast Updates

The famous actress Kate Winslet has been final for the new face in upcoming sequel Avatar 2. The further new cast has also been added in the list of new entries. Cliff Curtis may also join the Avatar 2 this time. He was also performing in Walking Dead previously.

Remaining cast will include like Michelle Yeoh, Vin Diesel, David Thewlis, Jamie Flatters, Britain Dalton and Trinity Bliss.

What will Happen in Avatar 2?

Avatar 2 will explore some specific time period. Jake will perform as the man of Navi’s family along with his wife Neytiri having three children. Besides this, he will also entitle as chieftain with his wife who is also a high nun of their family. However, their entire story will revolve around their three kids.

When Will Avatar 2 Release?

Fans have to wait for more to have Avatar 2 on the cinema screen. As according to the current news it will be airing on 18th December 2020. However, the next three season after Avatar 2 will be suggested to release on December 2023, December 2025 and the last one will be airing on December 2027.

However, the movie may postpone for further delay if James wants more time to complete it. Till then fans may keep their hopes for Avatar 2 yet high.

Therefore, what you think about the expected release date of Avatar 2 let us know about your opinion by comment below.


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