The Best Time to Visit Cancun for Perfect Weather

best time to visit cancun

If you are tired of your busy life and want to go on a vacation to spend some time with yourself, friends, or family, then Mexico City is the one. This fantastic city has a lot of tourist destinations. Cancon is the most beautiful and famous among them. The best time to visit Cancun is December – April.  Cancun emerges with different glances in different months. So it’s unfair to choose a specific period. That’s why we have included the topic Cancun weather monthly so that you can choose what time is best for you. Let’s read ahead and happy Traveling.

An Overview of Cancun, Mexico


Cancun, a coastal city, is known as a significant tourist destination in Mexico. This popular vacation destination is called The Mexican Caribbean. It is primarily famous for its beaches, clear seawater, numerous resorts, and nightlife. In the meantime, university students also visit Cancun during their spring break. This beautiful city is located in southeast Mexico beside the Caribbean Sea.


This stunning city was founded on 20th April of 1970.  For over 50 years, the name of this city has frequently been changing. Once upon a time, it was spelled “Cancoon” in the older English language documents. But the actual name emerged from Mayan.

The Mayan name of Cancun is ” Káan Kun.” ” Kàan” actually means snake, and the verb ” Kun” stands for” To swell or overfill.” This gives 2 possible meanings. One is ” Place of snakes,” and in the other case, it means ” Place of the golden snake.” The first meaning is somehow accepted more than the second one by people.

Why should you visit Cancun?

Cancun has the perfect combination of white sand and dazzling turquoise blue sea at a reasonable expense. This gorgeous place offers many ocean adventures to enjoy with your friends, family, and partner. Moreover, Cancun is perfect for sightseeing, attractions, excursion, tours, and day trips in Cancun and Riviera Maya, Mexico. Cancun also has a total snorkel, a trip like swimming in the sea with turtles and whale sharks. Besides, you can also take a speed board jungle tour. By the speed board along with a partner, you can take a short trip to Panta Nizac, a part of the second-largest coral reef in the world. You can also enjoy ATV driving, Snorkeling, swimming in caves, or visiting Mayan ruins.

Cancun is a journey catch for sea lovers as white sand offers Catamaran cruises, snoring paddle boarding, ferry rides, etc.  This Mexican coast water has more than 500 species of fish, so you can also enjoy deep-sea fishing excursions. Cancun also has an underwater museum. This has featured art installed on the ocean floor. Also, the extraordinarily clear water in the Caribbean is reason enough for sea lovers to visit Cancun. If your heart seeks a strikingly beautiful seaside escape,  the beaches of Cancun are the one.

Aerial view of Cancun, Mexico

Akumal, the island of sea turtles, is perfect for diving and snorkeling. You can swim with sea turtles and whale sharks in the Isla Mujeres, the island of women. With the unique experience, fabulous diving, and spa, the Mayan civilizations secured Cancun’s 6th position in the Mexican Tourist Spots.

It would take 7-10 days to experience all Cancun has to offer. But if you only want to hit the most important spots in Cancun, then 3-5 days would be enough.

Now the question is what is the best time to visit Cancun?

You need to choose the perfect time to visit Cancun because of its climate. Cannon has a tropical climate that’s why it mainly has two seasons. Wet and dry season. Cancun’s yearly average temperature is 78° F or 26° C. In summer, it rises to 95° F or 36° C, And the average rainfall is 1400mm. Summers are hot, wet, and oppressive. On the other hand, the dry season is mostly clear, muggy, and comfortable.

However, Cancun’s weather is fantastic almost all year round. Now it depends on what you prefer or want. If you want to visit Cancun with family and kids, June and November are the best time. If you’re going to enjoy the excellent weather, December to April are perfect. From September to November you can get maximum discounts from hotels and cheap deals. If you prefer avoiding crowds, then September and October are excellent. Whale sharks come in May and stay till June. May is also the time for Adult sea turtles to begin nesting. So if you want to see whale sharks, Adult sea turtles, and baby turtles simultaneously, July and August are the ones.

As we can see, there are a lot of issues to consider. We are going to discuss it all and hope this will help you to choose your preferred time.

Cancon’s monthly weather and festival:


January is the least muggy time of the year. The weather is warm, sunny, dry, and the average temperature is 20°-28°C.  The ocean’s water temperature is also comfortable, which is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, or diving. January is the peak season which means this island is crowded at this time. You will need to book the hotels months ago at a high rate. In this period everything becomes expensive. The sunny day and near-perfect sea beach make the weather most beautiful. But the crowd gets thicker this month. You can enjoy the grown-up nightlife, new year ( Avo Novo), Mayan village, and El Die de Los Reye’s ( King’s Day). If you visit Cancun in January


February’s weather is pretty much the same as January, just a little muggier. February is perfect for sightseeing at Chichen Itza, Valladolid, and jungle adventure parks. Water temperatures are lowest this month, so swimming or diving is not a great choice. In February, nightfall is pretty amazing. You can also enjoy El Dia de Candelaria ( Tamale Day), Carnaval, Island Time Music, and Fishing festival.


March is the second driest month in Cancun. It rains only once a week. Otherwise, the sky seems clear and brighter. March is absolutely the peak time for fantastic weather. You can also enjoy sightless, inception, music festival, wine and food festival, spring Equinox at Chichen Itza show in March.


April is the driest month. The beach weather is perfect with sunny, breezy days and warming ocean temperatures for families and kids. Facilities are pretty like January, February and March. You can enjoy the Anniversary of the founding of Cancun, Holly Weak, and children’s day if you visit Cancun in April.


May is warmer than in previous months. Whale sharks arrive, and sea turtles start nesting this month, so May is best if you are seeking wildlife adventures. Cinco de Maya cancún, jump off and Ragata de sole sol are the famous festivals of May.


June is one of the rainiest months; it’s also the beginning of hurricane seasons. Cancun in June is perfect for families and kids as the rates of hotels, flights, and excursions are lower. As water temperatures are warm, Whale sharks and sea turtles are available this month. In June, Dia de la Marina, EXPhotel, festival de Los Oceans, and pride Cancun are a must-visit.


The average temperature of Cancun in July is 32°C. But the sea temperatures remain steady from June. Baby turtles head to the Ocean every evening. Whale sharks, nesting turtles, and hatching turtles are all available at the same time this month. You can also get great deals in July. You can visit El Dia Fuera del Tiempo, Isla Mujeres Whale Festival, and Destination X The urban Summer Oasis in July.


August starts with hot weather as days pass by, rainy days come closer. It is the beginning of hurricane season, so you need to stay at the beach or in the connotes as much as possible. Hotel travel rates start decreasing from this month. You can see whale sharks, nesting sea turtles, and baby turtles at the same time together for the last month of the year. You can enjoy ZonkMX and Assumption of the Virgin Mary this month.


September is the rainiest month of the year. As it’s the ” Hurricane “season, everything in Cancun in  September becomes very cheap. The beach is most comfortable this month. Whale sharks start leaving in September. El Grito and Mexican independence day, Salsa Mayan congress, etc., ideal are the famous festivals of September.


October is the last month of hurricane season. As the week passes by, the weather gets nicer. At the end of the month, the sky is clear, and the beach weather becomes gorgeous. Like September, the crowd is lighter in this season. For hurricanes, the costs are also cheap. You can attend Cancun Travel Mart, Cancun Jazz Festival, and Halloween in October.


The last days of Cancun in November are perfect for visiting the adventure park or ruins. It’s also time for nesting sea turtles to leave this area. Day of the dead, the Golf Championship at Mayakoba, and the International Festival of Caribbean culture are the famous festivals of November.


Lastly, whether in Cancun in December is the best time to be with friends. Warm days, cool nights make the beach’s environment comfortable. Skies are sunny, clear, and beautiful this month. December is excellent for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. December has the most festivals, among them Cancun Marathon, Sunset boat parade, Christmas week, and New Year eve are the best ones.

Final thoughts

As we can see, the best time to visit Cancun is December to April. February and March are warm and have perfect weather. On the other hand, we can see the worst time to visit Cancun is August to October because of the hurricane season.


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