Bonding Season 2: All Updates That You Need to Know

Bonding Season 2

Netflix is one of the best platforms that brings a fantastic series for viewers. Bonding is one of excellent series, and it’s season debut on 24 April 2019.

Bonding season follows the story of a student who lives in New York and also a dominatrix. Her best friend is stand up comedian.

What will happen in season two?

As we saw at the end of season one, Tiff makes friendship with her class-fellow Doug. However, they connect during a first date while playing arcade games. After that, Tiff tells her line of work and love interest.

Well, her friend Brenden uses his experience as a dominatrix assistant. Both are moving forward in their personal lives. A thriller scene comes during season one when a mysterious client shows up and gets stabbed. The main characters face “Hopes and fears” personally and professionally.

Zoe Levin will play the role of Tiff in season two who is a grad student. Tiff also works a dominatrix and uses the moniker “Mistress Way.”

When Will Bonding Season Two come out?

Well, there is not any official news about Netflix’s series Bonding season two. It all depends on the series scope because Netflix tries to condense production for season one so that it could develop audience interest. However, we are expecting that season two will come in 2020 with ten episodes. if schedule remains same, then there is also a possibility that it will return in 2019.

There is no trailer of season two yet. We will update you for further news about it.


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