Breaking Bad movie: New Trailer Showing First Look At Jesse Post-Finale!

Breaking Bad movie: New Trailer Showing First Look At Jesse Post-Finale!


Amazing news for the fans of “Breaking Bad” that the trailer was released that shows the first initial look for Jesse Post final outcome. Or it will be able to answer some queries of fans. As they want to know the White Walter is still alive or not.

This drama simply shows that Walter White is one person who can be this much dark at a time and bright as well at another point. The one thing about this leading character is he is just fearless to do anything. He doesn’t have anxiety issues. He is not obviously a coward at all. And obviously, he is a real man who understands that he is a man he has to do things that are best suited for his family.

A man can be anything serious, at one moment he can be a school chemistry teacher. And at the next moment, he can this most wanted man in the town due to multiple crimes including drug business, robbing a train, and attempting lots of murders in his interests. There is no limit for the character here to do things in the name of his family.

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It doesn’t matter to him whether his family love him or wait for his death. It doesn’t matter his son is abusing him. He just wants to provide the drug money to them.

However, the released trailer is dark and covered with blue skies. You cannot understand first it is really a trailer for Breaking Bad. Suddenly, then you will see Jesse while wearing a leather jacket, holding the cigarette and having tears in eyes.

However, there is a report that the 9 members were dead while Heisenberg was not clearly added to the list. Therefore, everyone wants to know what will happen and how many were dead previously. It will be confirmed by the upcoming season.


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