Cheryl Burke Net Worth, Early Life, Career

Cheryl Burke Net Worth

Cheryl Burke is an American dancer, model, and television personality who has an estimated net worth of $4 million. She is best known for being a professional dancer on the popular reality show, Dancing with the Stars.

Burke began her career as a professional dancer when she was just 16 years old, performing in various festivals and competitions. In 2006, she played a role as one of the professional dancers on Dancing with the Stars. And Burke remained a part of the show until 2019. During her time on the show, she won two mirror ball trophies and was the first female professional dancer to do so.

In addition to her work on Dancing with the Stars, Burke has appeared in various other television shows and films, including the film, Make It Happen and the series Dance Moms. She has also released her fitness and dance DVDs, which have been successful.

Burke’s other sources of income include endorsements and appearances. She has been a brand ambassador for several companies, including Skechers, La Roche-Posay, and Degree. She has also been a spokesperson for the American Heart Association.

Cheryl Burke has managed to amass considerable wealth throughout her career. Her estimated net worth is currently at $4 million, making her one of the wealthiest professional dancers in the world.

Cheryl Burke Net Worth

Cheryl Burke is best known for being a professional dancer and choreographer on Dancing with the Stars. She has also appeared on other shows such as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Lip Sync Battle.

Cheryl Burke began her career as a professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars in 2006. Over the years, she gained much fame and recognition for her talent, charm, and skill. She quickly became one of the most successful professional dancers on the show, winning two consecutive championships in 2007 and 2008.

Cheryl Burke Net Worth

In addition to her career on the show, Cheryl Burke has also enjoyed success as a businesswoman. She has appeared in several commercials for various products and services, including Kohl’s, Old Navy, Listerine, and more. She also created her line of clothing and accessories called Cheryl Burke Designs.

Cheryl Burke has also starred in several reality shows, including Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars, where she was a judge, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where she was a guest star. She has also written three books and launched her fitness program.

With her impressive resume and successful career, it’s no wonder that Cheryl Burke has a net worth estimated at $4 million. She has earned her wealth through her various professional endeavors, as well as through her business ventures. She has also made money from appearances on multiple television shows and other events.

Cheryl Burke inspires many, proving that hard work and dedication can pay off. She has achieved great success in her career and has set an example for aspiring reality stars. With her net worth estimated at $4 million, she is a clear example of how determination and ambition can lead to financial success.

Early Life

Cheryl Burke, one of the most recognizable faces in professional dancing, has come a long way from her early beginnings. Born in San Francisco in 1984, Burke was the youngest of four children. Her mother was a former Miss Ireland, and her father was a professional Latin ballroom dancer. From an early age, Cheryl showed a passion for dance, taking her first lessons at the tender age of four.

Burke quickly excelled in the art of dance, and by the time she was a teenager, she was competing in ballroom dance competitions worldwide. She won numerous awards, including the prestigious Junior World Latin Championships in 2000. Her success in the world of competitive dance caught the attention of the producers of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” who invited her to be a professional dancer on the show.

Cheryl Burke Net Worth

Burke began her career on the show in season two, partnering with the actor Drew Lachey. The pair quickly became fan favorites, and Burke helped Lachey win the show’s mirror ball trophy. Burke’s success continued throughout her time on “Dancing with the Stars,” winning several more mirror ball trophies with different partners.

Thanks to her success on the show, Burke has become one of the most recognizable professional dancers in the world. She has also used her platform to support various charities and organizations, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Red Cross.

Today, Burke continues to teach and perform around the world and serves as an inspiration to aspiring dancers everywhere. Her early life may have been difficult, but thanks to her hard work and determination, Cheryl Burke is now one of the world’s most successful and beloved professional dancers.


Cheryl Burke began her career as a professional dancer at 18 when she was invited to join the “Burn the Floor” cast, a live show choreographed by Jason Gilkison. After that, she became a principal dancer in “Dancing with the Stars.” Her first season was in 2006, and she won the show with her partner, Drew Lachey. She then became the only professional dancer to win two consecutive Mirrorball trophies with two partners, Drew Lachey and Emmitt Smith.

Cheryl Burke has since become one of the show’s most beloved and celebrated professional dancers. She has been a part of multiple international tours, including the “Dancing with the Stars” tour.

Cheryl Burke has performed with many celebrities, such as Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyoncé. She has also been featured on numerous television shows and in magazine articles.

Most recently, Cheryl Burke has been on the judging panel for “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors.” She also has her own YouTube channel and an Instagram account with 5.2 million followers. She also launched her dancewear line, “Cheryl Burke Dance,” which is available online.

Cheryl Burke’s career has taken her from a small-town girl to one of the most famous dancers in the world. She inspires aspiring dancers everywhere and has shown that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

How much does Cheryl Burke make for her work on the show?

The exact amount of Cheryl Burke’s salary for her work on Dancing with the Stars is not publicly available, but she earns a substantial sum for her appearances. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Burke earns an estimated salary of $40,000 per month. This figure is likely higher than what most other professional dancers on the show make, as Burke is a well-known name with a loyal fan base.

In addition to her salary from the show, Burke also has many other income sources. She has released a line of dancewear and fitness apparel and has several endorsements with major brands. She also hosts her podcast and web series and has appeared in several films and television shows. These activities add to her already impressive net worth, estimated to be around $4 million.

Cheryl Burke is doing quite well for herself. Her long-standing career in Dancing with the Stars has been a primary source of her success, and it is easy to see why she is so highly sought after for her dancing and choreography skills. There is no doubt that she will continue to be one of the most popular and successful professional dancers for many years to come.

FAQs on Cheryl Burke Net Worth

Is Cheryl Burke rich?

It turns out that Cheryl Burke is quite wealthy. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Burke has an estimated net worth of $4 million. She has earned most of this wealth from her time on Dancing with the Stars. Which reportedly pays her $125,000 per season. She has also made additional income from various endorsement and sponsorship deals and her own clothing line.

Does Cheryl Burke have a baby?

The answer is no. Cheryl Burke has no children despite being married to actor Matthew Lawrence since 2019. While the two have expressed a desire to have children, they have yet to take the plunge.

Cheryl has been open about her desire to become a mother. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she said she wanted to have children but was waiting for the right time. In the same interview, Matthew expressed his desire to be a father and said, “I want to be a dad! I would love to be a dad.”

What is Cheryl Burke doing now?

Cheryl Burke is one of the most recognizable names in ballroom dancing after her long tenure as a professional dancer on the hit show “Dancing with the Stars.” After spending twenty seasons as a professional dancer and winning two Mirrorball Trophies, Burke is now focusing her time and energy on other projects.


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