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On the Jimmy Kimmel Show, American actor-comedian Chris Distefano recently shared some hilarious insights on his father. From revealing that his father lost 60 pounds just by ‘walking’ to recalling an incident where he overdosed on lasagne, the episode was a laugh-riot, typical of Distefano. Naturally, after the episode aired, queries about Chris Distefano dad and his connections with the mafia were all over the internet. 

Well, for the record, his name is Tony Distefano, and he is now a stay-at-home dad, and he couldn’t be happier. He spends days caring for his grandchildren and watching Chris’s career take off. He is also very active in his church and volunteers for many charities.

This post will give you further details about the man who is enjoying his retirement. 

Who is Chris Distefano? 

Full name Antony Distefano Gender
Gender Male 
Current residence Tampa, Florida, United States 
Nationality American
Ethnicity Italian-American 
Religion Christianity 
Sexuality Straight
Children 1

Chris Distefano is a comedian and actor who has appeared on MTV, Comedy Central, and VH1. He is also the host of the podcast “The Giggle Fit” and the author of the book “I’m Sorry (For What I Did Last Night).” Chris is married to his wife, Carrie, and they have two children.

Chris Distefano is famous for his comedic storytelling and ability to make people laugh. He said that his comedy is inspired by his Italian-American upbringing (Chris Distefano’s dad plays a role in this) and observations of human behavior. He has also said that he tries to be relatable to his audience and that his comedy is a way for him to connect with people.

Who is Chris Distefano dad? 

As mentioned beforehand, his father is Tony Distefano, of Italian-American descent, who, according to certain sources, was earlier associated with the mafia. However, he now enjoys spending time with Chris’s kids and has taken a backseat to see Chris progress in his career. 

Though not much is known about Tony Distefano’s early career – sources say he was from Brooklyn but spent a major part of his life in New York. Also, he was married to a woman of Irish descent (Chris’ mother – Donna), but, Chris Distefano parents divorced when he was very young. Though no specific reason was made public for the divorce, earlier controversial reports state that – Chris had gambled his wife’s savings, leading to the divorce. 

As of the time the article is being written, Tony has married again and moved to Tampa, Florida, with his wife. 

What did Chris Distefanno’s father do for a living? 

With all the news doing the rounds, it is only natural for people to ask what Chris Distefano dad did for a living. In the words of Chris himself, his father’s profession was ambiguous. He recalls growing up in New York, with his father’s personality being ‘larger than life.’ 

Chris also went ahead to state that, during barbeques, he did see men in ‘black suits’ with their families. However, when Chris questioned his father, he diverted the question and stated that he worked for the banks. 

Did Chris Distefano’s dad work for the mafia? 

Though there have been many theories about this, no conclusive answer has been found. So, let’s hear the story that seems to have been making the rounds – 

Tony Distefano reportedly was a gambler as well as a member of an illegal mob who was involved in organized crimes like extortion. Chris also revealed that, though his father stated that he worked for the bank, his mother never trusted him. Additionally, there is concrete news that Tony was associated with the Genovese and Gambino crime families. 

Chris did mention that a segment of his family members were involved in mob business, and many of them did go to jail due to their mafia connections. 

Also, some of his relatives and family friends were killed due to their connection with the mafia. However, Tony is far away from these connections and happily leads a retired life with his grandkids. 

Some quirky facts about Chris Distefano dad

  • Chris Distefano’s father may have divorced his mother, but that did not change the strong bond that the parents shared. Chris recalls an incident where Tony had beaten up his ex-wife, Donna (Chris’s mother’s) boyfriend because he had made her cry. 
  • Tony Distefano, it seems, was always an overprotective man. Chris recalls another incident, wherein Tony had strong-armed his preparatory school’s priest to prevent his expulsion. 
  • For years together, Tony Distefano was a shady character and had stints behind bars. His friends made it to the news, often in multiple crimes. 
  • Chris did reveal multiple times that Tony still maintains his Italian temper and takes joy in insulting New York Yankees. 

Chris Distefano’s struggles with ADHD 

For everyone who enjoys Chris’s comic stances – he was diagnosed with ADHD in his childhood. This severely impacted his energy and concentration levels. He even went on to state that his father’s shrouded career and his jail times also aggravated the condition. However, after consistent therapies and medication, he is now in a much better state. Therefore, he can better concentrate on his career. 

Parting words 

Assuming you have read this article well, you now have a better idea about Chris Distefano dad, his past, and how he has managed to break free of the same. This post resonates with the fact that every individual has a chance to break free of the past and move ahead in life. Though Tony may have had a tumultuous past, he is now in a stage where everything has settled down, and a sense of calm prevails. Today, he loves spending time with his wife and grand-children, thereby giving a glimpse of a happy family. 

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Q1. Is Chris Distefano dad still alive?

Ans: Though there were some past reports that Tony Distefano had passed away, but that is far from the truth. He is currently enjoying his retired life with his wife and grandchildren in Tampa, Florida. 

Q2. Was Tony Distefano in the mafia?

Ans:Though there is no solid evidence, multiple incidents suggest that he was in the mafia. 

Q3. Is Chris Distefano a single dad? 

Ans:Absolutely not! He is married to Jazzy Distefano, and they have been for years setting examples of a pristine conjugal life. 


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