Dead to Me Season 2: Cliffhanger of First Season, And Details About Second Season and Release Date

Dead To Me Season 2

Netflix always brings good Tv series for its fans. Here we’ll talk about the one of mysterious Netflix show, Dead to me Season 2. this one is a dark comedy genre and one of favorite series on Netflix. Well, it has created a fantastic cliffhanger among fans where everyone is asking what would happen in Dead to me Season 2.

As you know, two beautiful ladies of Dead to me season 2: Linda, who plays the role of Widow Jen and on the other side, Linda is playing the role of Judy. Christina is responsible for Jen husband’s death. After committing the crime, they both become friends, and the interesting thing is that Jen does not know about the fact.

Who is the Culprit of Steve’s murder?

The first season left its fans in a big cliffhanger. As we saw in season 1, Jen and Steve have a conversation and Judy attempt to fall in front of a car. Well, the car misses her, and Jen asks to come home.  In the first season, we saw the gun was in Jen’s hand when Steve body facing down in the pool. Now it is a big mystery who killed Steve. Liz hints that maybe Jen is not a killer of Steve because of twist always in every story. Many people can suspect such as Jen’s Son who stole Ted’s gun and maybe the mother of Ted, who reacts strangely on killing his son.

Judy and Jen will Make Again Friends or Not

Moreover, now could we expect Judy and Jen’s can become good friends again? Both ladies have blood on their hands. So Jen knows Judy is not only responsible there are many other people as well. So let’s see Will Jen and Judy can be friends again or not.

Release Date of Dead To Me Season 2

Liz is perfect in her work, which comes with this womanhood story. Well, the first season released on 3rd May 2019. And now fans of dark comedy night is waiting the second season. There is no official news of season 2. But according to some spoilers and fans predictions, we expect we again watch Dead to Me Season 2 in early 2020. (Cialis)


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