Designated Survivor Season 4: Release Date And More Details!

Designated Survivor season 4: Release date, plot and everything you need to know

Designated Survivor Season 4

Designated Survivor is a show that wants to be too many things. However, it’s trying to be politically relevant, a series that could exemplify the amazing resiliency of Americans in the worst of times. It’s also an FBI drama starring a reckless agent whose superpower is being able to run down dead leads in heels. And will take advantage of the computer savant whose crush on her overrides security clearances or reprisals for breaking the law.

A noble family man trying to do his best to lead the country with transparency and strong personal ethics. He’s a human president struggling to balance his multiple roles as president, commander in chief, husband, father, etc.

However, the slippery slope but he perseveres through the political minefields, power play, undercutting, ruthlessness, etc. Partisan sentiments aside, fans find the political twists and turns, entertaining.  His COS, special advisors and press secretary are fresh, trendy, social media savvy, and passionate.

Although, his COS is romantically unstable yet fiercely loyal to the president but married to her job.  She’s damn good, firm and a strong female image. It can balance thank goodness.  This is a modern take on the west wing, madam secretary, house of cards, etc. As far as entertainment goes, it is fresh, younger, sexier and easier for the younger generations to keep up with.

However, fans are now predicting Designated Survivor Season 4 but they love the season 3 too. But it will hope that season 4 will air in June 2020.


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