Effective choice of accommodation for students in New York


The beginning of student life means the beginning of the first independent and responsible steps for young people. Putting in regular effort to get high grades, getting your first job experience and making a career move are just part of the list of challenges you will face as you enter adulthood. Another independent step on this list is choosing a place to live while studying at university or college. If your ambitious plans include the desire to become a student in New York, you will have at least two alternative options for accommodation – on campus living or off campus living in New York.

What is off-campus living and how do you know if this option is right for you?

Most universities and colleges in America offer their students accommodation in a dormitory – a place where there is a special atmosphere of vibrant youth life. An alternative to this option is living off campus – an independent living format, independent of the university or college, in which the student is responsible for finding and renting an apartment. This type of accommodation has many differences from a dormitory, including a higher rental price and the lack of constant communication with roommates or other dormitory residents. 

For those students who want to get the most out of their student life by having fun, partying, and meeting new people, this feature of off-campus living will be a disadvantage. At the same time, those students who value their personal space, love peace and quiet, put academic performance above entertainment, and do not want to be dependent on the rules and discipline of university dormitories are more likely to choose off-campus living for their student years. Another nice bonus of this accommodation option is the large selection of apartments in any neighborhood of New York City, so renting an apartment on the street from your favorite movies can become your reality.

Why is using the services of an off-campus accommodation company more profitable than looking for an apartment on your own? 

Students who choose to live off-campus face another dilemma – whether to look for an apartment on their own or to find a specialized company that will help them choose the best option, such as Outpost Club. Those who have experience in both approaches or have friends among older students who have used the services of a professional company choose the second option. The popularity of apartment companies has its reasons: 

  • Guarantees of successful selection of apartments for individual needs. Specialized companies help their clients make the apartment search process much faster and more efficient because they take into account all the wishes of their clients and offer only those apartment options that meet these wishes;
  • Access to additional bonuses and services. These companies offer students apartments with an increased level of security, regular cleaning services, and an equipped kitchen for home cooking. These bonuses are definitely not available in student dormitories and most ordinary apartments in New York;
  • A wider choice of locations to stay. Experienced companies such as Outpost offer their clients apartments in all the famous neighborhoods of New York. Thanks to this, students can choose an apartment near their university, the historic part of the city, the center, or other famous locations;
  • Saving clients money. Clients have access to cheaper accommodation options through cooperation with specialized companies. For example, Outpost allows clients to live in an apartment at a price that is not much higher than the price of living in a dormitory. 

These features of cooperation with trusted and experienced companies speed up the process of finding high-quality and affordable apartments for students. Thousands of positive reviews from students, the number of which is constantly growing, confirm this.  


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