Elite Season 2: ” All details that You should know about your Netflix series

Elite Season 2

The elite season is no need for the introduction, and everyone loves this Spanish high school drama on. The show became one of the most successful seasons on Netflix last year.

Even the season got similar familiarity in the United States as Riverdale and Gossip Girl.
The series is all about the mystery, intrigue, and unrealistic sex scenes. The news announced recently regarding Elite season 2.

The season will return with Sam, Guzman, Nadia, Carla, and Lu. So that’s excellent news, Elite season 2 is coming back.

On Instagram, Netflix released a teaser video of stars Lu and Guzman and showed some flirtatious behavior. They were talking about, and suddenly Guzman asks Lu in Spanish if they should tell them about their return date from vacation.

Wait don’t think another twist, both characters announce the date of season 2 yes Elite season 2 will air in September 2019. However there is no release date confirmed, but we hope soon we confirmed about it.

Las Encinas is again in the news, and we hope, soon Guzman seeks to find the killer of his sister Marina. Moreover, season 2 pretty much effort by Polo and Carla who would cover the murder of Marina, Well polo killed her

Well if we talked about the cast, the entire cast will be back. Marina will return in the form of flashbacks.

Furtherly, Danna Paola and Miguel Bernardeau will return. Other cast stars will also appear still such as Sam (Itzab Escamilla), Nadia (Mina El Hammani), Ander(Aron Piper), Omar (Omar Ayuso), Christian( Miguel Herran), and Nano (Jaime Lorente).

There is no official trailer released, but we’ll update soon with new trailer., so stay tuned with us updates.


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