Empire Season 5 Episode 18: Release Date, Spoiler, Where to Watch!

Empire Season 5 Episode 18

The fans of the Empire are growing day by day; people who take an interest in music and want to know the real life of an artist are quite involved in this series.  In this article, I would like to provide you Season 5 Episode 18 release date and spoilers. Besides, I will tell you where you can watch this musical season.

Empire Season 5 Episode 17 has a very rough ending, overall that episode shows that every artist is in dilemma. Artists have a financial problem as their checks haven’t been cleared. The role of Feds is such power as they freeze accounts. Now to get out of this problem, they have to think different. A concert is planned to raise money.

Artist rock the concert and everyone in the audience enjoys it. Andre told Kingsley that he wanted to meet Eddie Patel, this is a kind of thing which no one expected from Andre. The episode closed where Cookie spotted him eating some pills. He got a heart attack, and a 911 call was the last scene of the incident.

Empire Season 5 Episode 18 is released on 8 May 2019. There are many speculations of character death. However, I don’t suspect any death. However, a death scene was going to be a big twist in this musical tv show.

Where to Watch?

You can watch this TV show on Fox Every Wednesday at 8 pm, either on its official website or only by downloading this channel application. It would help if you had a subscription to access this episode.

If you don’t want to watch it on Fox, then there are some other options also available. There are three online streaming services such as Roku, SlingTV, and DirecTV. If you are a subscriber of these portals, then you can access the latest and old episodes of Empire whenever you got some free time.


In the upcoming episodes, you will see that Cookie and Lucious are facing betrayals. It might be the right time to end their relationship. The last episode ended with the heart attack of Andre, so the next episode titled “The Roughest day” will show his struggle of fighting with death for life. Feds have created enough problems for the artist, and now we have to see what is their next game plan.

You can watch Empire Season 5 Episode 18 on Fox channel.


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