Everything You Need to Know about Bitcoin Slots

A Bitcoin slot machine

Slots are a top-rated game that several crypto casinos offer because of its high demand, especially considering cryptocurrency is changing how we approach the financial world.

Cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, became so popular because of its huge advantages over fiat currencies, such as the decentralization of the economy, which allows you to use these assets to do anything you want, even gambling at online casinos.

However, switching from fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies may feel strange at first, so if you play slots at a crypto casino, you will need to focus on several things.

In the following article, we will go through everything you need to know to play crypto slots online, so please keep reading to learn how to become a crypto slot master.

Verify Your Bets

Firstly, make sure you’re playing at a provably fair casino, as this is the only way to check whether the game was fair or not. These casinos that allow users to check the legitimacy of their wagers allow players to feel much more comfortable using their slot machines. The casino can’t scam its players because blockchain technology ensures everything runs as smoothly as possible.

On the other hand, regular online casinos require a third party to evaluate each game, and humans can make mistakes that ruin the entire outcome. Crypto casinos don’t have this problem. Instead, you’ll be the one to check your bets; to do so, you must be aware of the following factors:

  • The casino’s server seeds
  • Your own seed
  • The number that identifies each bet

The casino will give you an encrypted server seed before placing any wager. This is how they make sure no one from inside the casino can tamper with your outcomes. Moreover, it protects them against gamblers who may try to hack their servers and figure out the game’s outcome.

Moreover, your browser provides your seed and serves as a communication medium to determine the game’s results. When you combine both seeds, you can be 100% sure that none of the parties can cheat.

Depositing Money Is Super Easy

Many people struggle with getting BTC for playing Bitcoin slots, but as technology advances, getting this currency has become easier than ever. You can deposit it at any online casino whenever you see fit.

All you have to do is follow these few simple steps:

  • Go to a trading website where you can exchange fiat currencies for BTC.
  • Create an account on the website and connect your preferred payment method.
  • Many websites don’t allow some payment methods for purchasing BTC, but you will find at least one that allows you to purchase them with debit cards or wire transfers.
  • Fund your account and buy BTC by selecting how much you want to buy and executing the purchase.
  • Once everything is done, your transaction will take around 15 or 30 minutes to be executed. This will depend on how concurred the network is at the moment of your transaction.
  • Now you have two options, you can either keep your BTC in your digital wallet or transfer it to the casino, but if you don’t want to bet all of your BTC at once, the latter is your best option.
  • Then, go to the banking section of the online casino and create a wallet address. However, please double-check this step to prevent sending money to the wrong address. You can even copy and paste it for simplicity.
  • Now, wait around 30 minutes for your account to receive your funds, and then you can start playing BTC slots.

Values Can Be Volatile

Something that makes many new gamblers lose their mind is that when you’re playing with cryptocurrencies, you can never be 100% sure of how much money you have available. This is because of how volatile cryptocurrencies are, as they can increase or decrease up to 50% in only one day, which will directly affect your money balance depending on how much the value changes.

A good practical example happened in December 2017, when one BTC was worth $10,000. However, in less than a month, BTC’s value rose to more than $20,000, greatly benefiting BTC gamblers.

However, those who didn’t immediately sell their BTC suffered the consequences of the currency’s value dropping significantly during the following weeks, which made them lose huge amounts of money.

Moreover, you must also know that although BTC is a highly volatile currency, there are times when it doesn’t experience too many changes, making it a safer investment. Still, if you don’t want to risk losing money, you can use a great slots hack, which is playing with a stablecoin, such as USDT, which is tied to the dollar’s value.

Learn the Slot Denominations

Finally, our last recommendation is to learn the slot denominations. You may be familiar with the denominations of regular slot games that use fiat currencies, as you can calculate your dollars, cents, and pounds. However, dealing with Bitcoin becomes slightly more complicated, as this currency has several denominations that can’t be compared to the most widely-spread fiat currencies.

The first thing you must know is that the lowest value unit for BTC is called a Satoshi, but these units are worth so little that they can’t even be compared to an American cent. Therefore, casinos had to come up with other measurements closer to the dollar. That’s how the milliBitcoin came into the picture.

This is the most commonly used measurement unit among crypto casinos, as it is the closest thing we have to a dollar, euro, or pound. Nevertheless, it isn’t too precise, and you will have to constantly check how much it is worth to properly calculate how much you’ll bet on each round.

Bottom Line

Bitcoin slots are a highly demanded game for anyone with experience in crypto casinos, perhaps because of how easy it is to play those games. Now you know all the basics of playing crypto slots, and you can take all the preventive measures needed to make your experience as pleasant as possible.


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